Best engravings for gvg?

I have seen a lot of players going with some weird engravings which provides them with ridiculous amount of survivability, which ones are the bests?

Heavy Armor, Fortitude, Adrenaline, This one which reduce dmg taken while pushed. Instead of this 4th I took cursed doll for higher dmg, but I saw ppl play with it or crisis evasion. Dunno what stats would be best I play with swiftness and domination 50/50 but imo endurance will not be bad.

crisis evasion could also be nice gives you one free 3sec immunity + 50% dmg heal every 15/12/9min so only level 1 and nothing more

Heavy armor is essentially mandatory on every class. Without it, you just get deleted.

Spirit absorption is already decent in PvE, but becomes exceptional on many classes in GvG. atk speed in particular is extremely valuable, and many classes will want it capped. Move speed, of course, is also very useful.

Fortitude is S tier on Mayhem zerkers, unfortunately zerker is pretty meh in GvG, so that’s kinda a wash, but at least Fortitude existing gives them enough eHP to not die instantly like they would without it.

Strong Will is an interesting conditional damage reduction that actually looks kinda terrible on first glance, but actually probably isn’t bad in practice. There’s not that many ways to work 30% damage reduction into most builds, and ‘pushed’ is a pretty common CC type that people like to combo off of.

There’s also Divine Protection and Shield Piercing, which I don’t think are good, but might be worth playing around with. Shield Piercing in particular I think you could splash on a big AoE class like Sorc or artillerist and could really fuck some people with it. Divine Protection is kinda interesting on a bard since they are really tight on useful GvG engravings, and more eHP is always good.

Crisis evasion, frankly, is garbage. Wasting 5 engraving points on something that is only going to proc exactly once per match is an int imo.

I also think adrenaline that someone else recommended is pretty bad… anything that backloads your DPS is BAD. You want to be able to kill people instantly without needing to build stacks, and there’s going to be very few opportunities for sustained fights. Part of the problem with Adrenaline is you don’t get any crit from it until 6 stacks… if you’ve used 6 abilities and the dude you are fighting isn’t already dead, then you done goofed, frankly.

Most of the relic 6 piece set bonuses are bad (except probably Yearning on supports, that’s still good)… the 6p bonuses tend to be conditional in ways that are going to be really difficult to maintain in a typical PvP match. Nightmare (4p and 6p) and Dominion(all the bonuses) for example, require you to use your awakening skill and then not die until it comes back off cooldown. That’s just not something you can safely bank on. Personally, I think the meta is going to end up being 2p Nightmare and 4p Hallucination. Offers a very nice, non-conditional damage boost, and +15% crit chance, which is huge. I think there are a few other cutesy options (Charming might be interesting on certain classes?) in particular Gunlancers are hard enough to kill that they can probably take one of the more conditional 6p sets if they wanted, but those will be the exception I think.

Right now, everyone should be running the We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants card sets for the extra survivability.

It is not guaranteed that you will not get deleted with Heavy Armor since it is just whale wars

I wrote my post with the assumption that you are reasonably well geared. If you’re not, your engravings are kind of irrelevant.

Plenty of servers have pretty competitive GvG that isn’t dominated by whales. My guild won Death’s Hold today, and we have basically F2P players on our main roster. It’s pretty plausible at this point if you’ve been playing since launch to be 1480+, which is plenty to compete on our server. 1510 is about the highest anyone that I’ve seen is.