Best Game Ever!

On KR that is lmao

Later AGS chumps. damn, shoulda done this a long time ago

Btw thanks for the 2 free anniversary skins, the wallpaper, and other free gifts just for signing up SG!


so here we go 4 months of this kind of posts … lets go


Don’t worry western players with western norms I have censored the problem to make it ok for us. plz up doot and like and subscribezzz.


Oh, we’re sharing our enjoyment of the game, might as well join in.
I’m enjoying the game as well. I’m in RU however not in KR.


share the gunner preset

you know that this is amazon who ask to smilegate every shitty moves right ?

If you got a problem in KR because of the phone number, there’s always a RU version.
200 ping? it runs okay, as long as you dont PVP (pvp is dead tho :smiley: )

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omfg thank you, i was about to call the police

And yet that is still likely going to be better quality than what the amazon censoring team actually put in game.

This is more like it.


I contemplated that option. :thinking:

They’ll slowly dwindle off as the players do

Because she didn’t come with a power pass and you have to level her from 10 to 50? :rofl:. I just finish it, I’m done with Bern.

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Oh no, it’s not that. I said that because you have the ability to play both artist and aeromancer.

Goodluck pugging and getting gatekeep lmao. You didn’t escape anything, you just moved to a region that has up to date content. :joy: :man_facepalming:

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I wont take long until you get banned in KR. Give it like 2 -3 weeks.

Oh, it’s alright you’ll get there soon… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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In 8 months! But enjoy playing those amazing classes! I am both jealous and happy for you. :sweat_smile:


real question would be whats your ping like there lol

Jokes on you, im a korean citizen living in NA with a phone number im keeping abroad