Best gathering locations for t2 and t3 fusion material crafting?

Hi guys,

Fusion material has been a real bottleneck for both my main and alts this week, I am happy to gather mats myself but would ideally like to be a little efficient about it given the energy restriction each day. Ideally all of a given type, since that’s how the fusion mat craft(s) work.

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Not in game to look at the exact mats. From what I can recall…if you gathered for a hour once per week you should have enough to cover you. I usually get the fish from any fishing spot(even the strong hold fishing spots x2 drop the fish you need …can’t remember all the mats …but red meat I think I farmed in punika. There are only 3 ingredients for that item. It doesn’t really matter where you farm them to be honest. Sometimes if I’m short I buy a few mats from the AH but I offset that easily with gold from Una’s tasks tokens. Obviously you need to have researched the receipe in your stronghold to craft. For me it takes less than one hour per week. If you use your in game codex and type in the mat you want it tells you where to find it.

Thanks, that takes a weight off my mind as I had gotten most of my fusion mats from event rewards/Welcome Challenge rewards and so hadn’t really had to pay attention to how they’re acquired “naturally” until this week, I’ll have a mooch around Punika!

tbh i wouldnt bother farm fish or meat / relics for that fusion materials

the reason atm : bot farming fish and you get the mats for way cheaper then you can do that

use your lifeskill energy for materials like excavating/logging/gathering , sell the mats and buy from that gold your fusion material, and you will have way more materials per life-energy-point

edit: just looked into AH and calculated, that simpel fusionmaterial is even cheaper then the raw material costs with crafting costs and fees. so just sell the raw materials and buy the Oreha-Fusionmaterial , and you even got it for less

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If you have fishing or hunting at least lvl20, just put down some traps/nets and wait the 5-10 minutes it takes for them to fill up, it basically removes all the grinding out of those 2 professions.
You get a timer in the upper left bar, so you can go do something else on that character while you wait, just be sure to collect them whithin an hour.


That’s cool…I’m not quite level 20 yet that’s good to know…

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use the market materiaos for fusion r really really cheap. like fishing materialsbu probsbly invest 20 gold for 1 craft of 30 fusions

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Fishing is your best friend. I use the fishing spot in the Punika harbor area, it’s really close to the portal and there are no mobs there. Plus it is in Punika, lol.

If you craft the fusion mats, it is the same cost or maybe a little bit more than if you buy it BUT :

  • you can level your fishing skill if you do it yourself. The net cast at lvl30 gives a LOT of fish, so in the end you can farm it even faster.
  • you can “crit” the craft and get DOUBLE the mats, 60 instead of 30. Making them half price for that craft attempt. Or free if you sell half of it.
  • you get some stronghold XP while crafting them
  • if you use the XP pot that doubles your gain and life energy consumption, you can deplete the entire energy bar (worth 2 days of refilling) in like 15mins.
  • you can (and will) get world tree leaves while fishing. Besides the other rewards, they provide you wll upgraded charm that will improve ALL of your lifeskills and gains.

The only thing that buying from the market has it better is that it is instant and you save 15mins every 2 days.

Dont use the net trap (lvl20 skill) - it gives as much fish as a single manual fishing and costs a lot of energy. You get more fish if you manually fish and use the lvl30 skill instead. I guess it was created for people that can’t be bothered to fish so you put it up, go do your daily stuff and come back to collect. But you get almost nothing from it in return.