Best honing path to clown/brel?

I’ve been waiting on summoner since the release of this game and it finally seems to be time. Only thing I’m having trouble with is how to get to relevant content from the start of T3 (so, the level you’re at after using a boost) within ONE day.
Disregarding the costs to get there, what would be the best honing path to brel (or if that’s impossible, clown)? Chaos apparently doesn’t drop gear anymore, so you +15 your starting gear → ???

well you got some choices but the easy one is powerpass to 1370 after you use free 1302 powerpass and just hone all your gear to +20 boom brel

the longer way
1302-> hone to 1370 → do the 2 1370 hard dungeons buy all chests + argos bus and buy all chests → make legendary armor → transfer + hone to +20 boom brel

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ok but whos gonna take him to brel with argos gear? :smiley: or even clown

@MadMerlin Thanks. I have a mega ton of mats saved up since 6 months so I wonder if that’s enough to hone to brel but clown is ok too.
@yesnomaybeperhaps I won’t be doing brel with this alt but my way stronger main, clown I will try with a few friends that don’t mind the most likely dead weight.


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If you have 6 months of mats pulled specifically you should be easily in the realm of 1490. I have 18 weeks saved pulling anything not nailed to characters to a mule and that mule can take a character to 1490. Recently pulled some stuff off the mule as I realized that you need a minimum 3 weeks for relic.

So ideally you’ll probably want to shoot for 1475 first do Valtan, Vykas, and Clown for 3 weeks, then if you have a group that will take you, shift to Valtan / Vykas, Clown, Brel. Once you finish your clown set you can either drop clown and go back to the Valtan / Vykas you dropped or continue with clown your choice.

Or you can just be 1490 its a bit of a waste since you can only do 3 legion commanders per week period and you’d be more of a liability then help inside brel even if your friends took you. The 1475 route will be the cheapest while maximizing time spent to go as fast as possible. It also gives you 3 weeks to build up some bound mats to make that push to 1490 as its a big one.

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Good point about the 1475 route, thanks.

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