Best PvP compositions?

Hello Arkesians :slight_smile: just wondering what people think is the best PvP composition and why?

There isn’t a best one. Support/Ranged/Support is the best. Double Support/Sorc is probably the best possible.

Double support + sorc is horrible vs tripple DPS that are mobile where your team struggles to hunt down any kills (from having had it a few times, this was my experience, maybe the sorc was just terrible, don’t know).

I would say Artilerist, Bard, Berserker is very solid (maybe not the strongest comp but definitely good vs most of what you can face).

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Gunslinger/Paladin/Sorc are going to shut down any triple melee.

Sorcer + DeathBlade + Any Class…

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Pld/brd/Arti or support/dps/dps. Loads of comps that work well.

lol you’re delusional

best comp is paladin +deathblade + any fister

db > all
melee > ranged

Double support is absolutely not the best, I prefer single support. Two supports isn’t needed at all if you have one support who knows what they’re doing.

Double support arti just won the royal roaders. It can be brokenly op.

That just means they were the best team in the tournament, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best team composition. Everyone knows Artillerist is a mediocre or worse class at high level, yes it does get better with coordinated team play. However just because it won a tournament it doesn’t mean it’s one of the best classes.

Well there is a reason they won with the makeup and it was not very well received and seen as cheesy. Double support arti is exceptionally sustainful, with two supports the other team couldnt do any damage and the arti could just play with zone control. Double support will prpbably be banned from future tournaments of the high end korean players get there way. A double support group can be impossible to kill.

it is vs full dps comps, you simply just can’t trade equal damage if the supports know how to play.

If we’re talking high level play than yes you’re right, any team with even just one support will win against a 3 dps team. Is double support the best composition as a whole? Debatable but I don’t think so, besides if you can win with even just one support than why do you need two?

it should be banned so idk

watch the Royal Roaders Tournament and u will understand. The finals were a best of 7 and the team with only 1 support couldnt win a single match. I doubt that was just a skill difference if they made it into finals as well

As I already stated earlier, this doesn’t mean double support is the best composition in the entire game because they won the tournament. It simply means that they were the best team in the tournament. Yes that is my opinion, I’m not saying double support is bad I’m just saying I think single support is better overall.

Any combination of meta classes Paladin/Bard/Deathblade/Sorc/Artillarist. Provided you have at least one support.

Supports are hyper busted.
Something like pala + bard + soulfist while played well and coordinated would be incapable of taking any damage ever, while still able to more or less burst people down hard.
2x support + arti is another insane comp.
But in general support + 2x dps is good. Soulfist is good due to the buff, sorc is good due to how easy her combos are to convert off, arti is insane with bard.

blade + gunslinger/sorc/shadowhunter + paladin
blade + wardancer/soulfist/berserker/striker/shadowhunter + bard
gunslinger + sorc + gunlancer
soulfist + wardancer + paladin/bard

Just curious, people keep talking about these tournaments in Korea. Was it all randomized bullshit like we have? Because if it’s not, none of this shit makes any sense…