Best roadmap i seen so far!

id like to thank you for this roadmap, its the best i seen so far! im always for more content, rather then miss it just put it in the game, else we wont reach kr ever! its better then i even thought, akkan in august is absolutely fine! we have 4 months to prepare. if you do alot of catch up events nobody will cry anymore. also elgacia, slayer+aeromancer! really nice and well thought roadmap. everyone who crys about it doesnt really know what they want. if you dont implement new content everyone crys about not having new content, when you do they cry about not reaching the highest level cap until then. its a joke. you dont need 1600 on first week, you need 1580 for normal mode, which is enought and archievable. just release the content and give players the ability with events etc to hone there in 4 months and everyone is good then. im really happy about the roadmap, thanks alot!


Better have fat pockets because the gatekeep is gonna be MMO equivalent of World War 3

you dont need to have have pockets, i know alot of people who didnt spent anything and are over 1560 with their main chars. just chill you have 4 months to archieve 1580, thats alot of time. you can cry in 3 months when its still not archievable. not now, when you dont know what they plan on events etc to help players out

True :joy: 1540 was a struggle as a casual player already
1580 is just not achievable with current progression events as casual player

I won’t even have to spend and can prob get 4 characters to 1580. 1600 is a different story.

Problem is most people skip dailies on here and believe you gotta spend to make it.


yep exactly this. and then they cry in forums to stop the content so everyone else who actually play this game has to wait longer for the raid releases. i mean if you dont actively play why you want to delay every new content? we are talking about 4 months. not next month. everyone has plenty of time. i dont understand why people even care about new content they maybe cant play on release . its better to have it in the game then not.

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This is a big part of it. People don’t even do their 2 chaos dungeons, 10 min max to do both + unas, on their man and complain can’t keep up.

My alts did 1-2 brel, then 1-4 once 1500. Just doing una+chaos by the time their brel sets were done they were 1550 with BOUND materials. No need to buy mats ever.

You probably need to swipe like $20+ a day to make up for not doing chaos dungeons or do them and not have that issue.

Even posts here saying 1540 is a struggle… just need to do brel and convert gear once 1490. Then 10% honing for 2 taps and 5% for next 2… and saying it was a struggle.

Been almost 5 months since brel normal came out, even if you only did rested chaos you’d be past that by now lol

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yea true points, i also just do rested and im over 1540 on every alt. its not that hard

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Yup. The people who say 1540 roster is whale blows my mind. It is basically free from brel gear transfer since +15 is pretty easy to hit. They even handed out honing books now.


There were posts in December that did the math to get to 1580 for Akkan normal in time… it was 7 months from just doing dailies.

Mind you this is before shard nerf. Now people get basically 5 months of reduced rates. Materials won’t even be an issue on alts. The only issue will be raw gold/fusions if you try to push multiple as f2p lol

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This exactly what ATK said in his video that some people are so blinded by their love of the game they will protect it no matter what.

True but how about going past 1580? You think they are seriously changing the way they operate and making this game F2P friendly to 1600+

You are going to need fatter pockets to progress, either you agree with me or not is irrelevant.

This company loves money and they will never change.

Well you are right sometimes I skip my Chaos Dungeons because I just don’t have the time to play everyday. Maybe I play like 10 hours or less a week which consist of mostly doing Valtan on multiple chars, clown g1-2 and some learning pt for brel3-6 or clown g3. So im not interested to do Chaos Dungeons on 6 characters everyday. I make like 30-40k Gold a week. My last 2 upgrades did cost me over 80k gold & all my mats. Took me all my Ark Pass and Event Mats I collected since Brel nm release to hit 1540 and now i have like 0 Gold and Mats saved up to push further

I’m not against releasing Akkan in August
But the difference between Casual and Hardcore Players will be greater and greater
I just think it’s a better option to make the Honing easier for everyone so anyone can enjoy that content

Just sayin i started playing with 11 other friends
And only me and one more is left
All others Quit because they can’t keep up which is sad to me

Pushing to current content is always achievable as F2P even in KR. Pushing past it is just whales/streamer bait. Lots fell for it with the initial relic gear (pushing to like 1520+).

Voldis normal is 1600 and hard 1620.

If someone parks at 1580 to do Akkan normal and converts gear 1600 is easily achievable for Akkan hard and Voldis normal. Don’t even need to do dailies every single day, doing rested and focusing on a main (using everything from events and such) people will keep up.

Can check it out on maxroll calculator, just make sure to switch to KR calculator and Akkan gear.

You’ll see people with 6+ characters F2P ready for Voldis normal by doing this. People will say it’s only the most hardcore players. But where do you really get most your mats? It’s not grinding 10h+ a day because there’s nothing to grind infinitely that’s worth it. It’s literally just doing 1 hour of dailies (1 hour to do una+chaos on 6) where most of that progression comes from. But lots of those players will tone it down and focus on a main or two most likely going forward.

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yep thats what i mean by not needing 1600, “only 1580”. the progression is fine when you know where to stop and keep mats for next gear transfer

those events does it quite more easy now to push to 1540, imagine these books etc you get now from the vendor and there will be more events soon. also maybe focus und a few chars to level up at first. if you use all your mats for a main i bet its gonna raise fast :slight_smile: chaos dungeons are a different thing, i bet every player would like it to reduce the time spent there. but that has nothing to do with new content being released

Prob is that complainers regarding this subject want everyone to be equal. No, they wont be equal geared,not here not in any mmo out there i have ever played. Some will be 1600 upon Akkan release,some will still be 1540. Thats the way stuff works which is normal in modern world and irl so they should deal with it.

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