Best way to farm harmony shards?

For an alt since I already cleared the islands speedrun route, any other way ?

Do towers again on your alts.

Just make sure you’ve already completed them on your main.

Any other ways ?

Also farming chaos after the 2 dailies to buy the weekly ones from the chaos merchant.

If you have maps you can do those and they give you pouches of shards they are also not bound so you can sell them for gold if you don’t need to use them. The Merchants in the ports sell materials as well as the grand prix event that is going on gives t1-t3 materials.

Legendary maps ?

just maps in general in any tier whether its blue, purple or orange maps they give you either small, medium or large shard pouches. You get them from doing the chaos gate events as well as other world events. just keep and eye on the calendar.


This is why i farm chaos every day on alts so they stockpile shards for when they push.

Trying to get my makn alt to t3 atm and he has the mats, but starved on shards lol

Shards should be account wide, this is just pure greed from the devs.

Make sure you do tower on alts after you have done it on your main. They all give matts including shard pouches.

Yeah that’s what I’m doing, thanks :wink:

Yeah sadly my main is paladin and i havnt quite finished the last 5 floors of t2 tower and my alts all caught up to there haha.

Tower on support main is a bit of a pain