Best way to farm Una's task The Cursed Ruins (Ozhorn)

See image for the best spot I have found so far! This area is three in a row.

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Lost Ark is a great and inspiring game. Have you ever wondered what is the best way to farm the urns in Una’s task The Cursed Ruins, located in Ozhorn Hill. Specifically, you need to keep searching a bunch of Encavian Jars that respawn but can be hard to find.

Min-maxing your time spent on this can be helpful if you try to farm providence stones through this method and can have good payoffs in the long run.


I use the one up the stairs that have 2 jars close to each other. There are some mobs but one touch they die anyways.


This one is three

Sure but the distance is longer. The ones up the stairs are a few steps to each other.
Just sharing my spot.

i used the little downstairs area all the way south (where the main-quest npc is)… there are 2 pots spawning right next to each other, just chill there and you barely have to move :slight_smile:

the quest is annoying but it doesnt take too many days to max out the rep.

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Yea I just used instant completion tickets, requires too much of time investment.


just camp here and you are good to go


How many tickets do you have? I don’t have many so I save them for ghost ship (completed now)

You can buy them, so question is irrelevant.

You can? I only got mine from log on reward and the naruni event which is gone now.

10 tickets for 250 pheons crystals (not worth imo lmao)

There is another spot there where there are 2 jars and no mobs is just downstaris but loke in the other way

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Crystals, not pheons. When you make 2k gold a day easily, 50 tickets for a little over 1k crystals spread over weeks is nothing compared to the time wasted for doing these menial tasks.

dunno why i had pheons in mind, thank you for the correction

At what ilvl do you start to make 2k a day? Is it on 1 characters or several? Sounds like a dream to me hehe. I can get 1500g from abyssal dungeons on my main but that’s once a week.

Once you have 1 character at 1370, your Great Honor Leapstone drops from Yoho is already worth 1k gold. If you decide to sell drops from chaos, that’s easily 2k not including the rest of your daily activities.

I use this:

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