Best Way to spend ~$50?

Hello All,

I currently have not spent any money on this game. I have a 1360 artillerist. No alts. I play ~2 hours a weekday and sometimes more on the weekends.

See title. I am willing to drop some money in the game but am not sure on what. The crystaline aura honestly does not seem worth it. Where would I get the most “bang for my buck”?

Thanks in advance!

Probably on the battlepass if that turns out to be a thing. Or paying the neighbor kid to play your account while youre at work

save it for new skins if not battle pass so you can sell skins for money to the whales that dont want to pay but save all their gold xD

Can get a good mcdonalds order for $50

Bonds while inflation is high.

Go buy a nice steak from the butcher…

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generally spending money on progressing is really not worth it. get some alts. you make what you’d get for 50 bucks in a day or tow. spend money on skins you like.

Not on this game mate :joy:

I can message you some proper posh cigarettes or whiskey, just please don’t spend on this game in it’s current state. Buy Elden Ring if you want something gaming related, it’s good!

When the game came out and it could have gotten you a ton of gold. Not really worth it now IMO. I’d wait for a skin you like I guess.

level 1-50 pack gives 2600 crystals for 1100 royal crystals or something which is a really good deal

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