Bet yall reading the patch notes this time around

Lmao lesson learned, let Rngesus be with you



I am…and this part:

  • Extended the casual Guardian Raid Event to run until May 19th in order to support player progression ahead of the May Content Update.
  • Adjusted the reward expiration dates for items obtained through the Guardian Raid Event to reflect the new end date of May 19th.

Is annoying the shit out of me. I had skipped buying the tomes that were expiring today from this weeks guardian event since I knew I didn’t have who to use them on before they expired…and now they go telling us on patch day that they’re getting extended. Well whoop dee doo…

P.S: sorry for hijacking , I just had to get that out of my chest and making a new topic would just get me flamed by the white knights that I’m an ungrateful bastard.


Feel like we just witnessed a medical emergency, stroke possibly?

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Same, i didnt buy so many books knowing they were expiring


Ohh, I bet you all they won’t read the patch notes anyway, plus come here and complain about something that was in the patch notes with the excuses that they don’t have to read them and be notified in-game anyway.


I just buy out the stores regardless if it’s expiring or not. I have the currency and the store is there, no reason not to buy out.

Naruni’s event was extended. Therefore, it should make you weigh the possibility of guardian event extension as well. In summary, no reason not to buy out.

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I don’t understand why they think this event guardian raid helps anyone get ready for the May update. it literally does nothing for 1370+, and if you’re not already at least 1400 you are not hitting 1415 by Valtan release (not without swiping)

So you did not read the patchnotes yeasterday then?

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Get ready for “I stayed up all night grinding/buying missing mats to use the tomes and now they extend it? INCONCEIVABLE”

they SHOULD also increase the coins we get for the event, cause not being able to fully buy out the event even if you do it every day and now giving even more rewards is just meh…

i had like 40k+ coins left from the race event but the guardian event is just the other way around for some reason xD

It gives mats and lets you get alts to 1370 easy, what more do you want?


I don’t want anything, my main is valtan ready and alts are parked 1370. They are delaying content in their words so people can catch up but have nothing in place for people to catch up. How does that make any sense?

and getting an alt to 1370 is far from easy regardless of how many books they throw at you

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They are giving time and mats and easy 1370 alts… those things help alot no?

This might come of as shocking but me and 99% of the playerbase don’t spend out times lurking on the forums every hour of every day :upside_down_face:

Because the naruni event was more unique/fun/fast to do. The guardian event takes longer and is dull…On top of the fact that you could get enough Naruni coins to buy out the shop just by playing normally, whereas the guardians you have to go out of your way.

Yea, the racing event gave tons more currency and it was was fun and effortless. Guardian event is kinda fun but takes more effort and gives wayyyyy lesser currency.

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they help get to 1370, they delayed content because people werent 1415. are we speaking the same language? The books DO NOT work past 1370

let me guess you dont use twitter either? thank god you came to the forums at 3am ET though

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Yeah, I wanted to get Adrenaline epic engravings but because it wasn’t there I just pick another one. I thought maybe there were different engraving bags. Now I read the patch notes I feel tricked.

But why skip out on buying something when you can buy out entire vendor unless you don’t have any alts? The event guardians are daily not weekly. They are also not limited to 1 run per roster. I do 6 runs on my chars during weekends when they drop 300 currency and just from Saturday and Sunday I get 3600 tokens. You need like 2100 to buy out entire vendor so I still have 1500 left over going into next week.

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