Beta progress saved for game release?

will our progress be saved for the game’s release or will all our character / loot progress be lost?
I can’t find the answer to this question & when I ask streamers & other players, I have 2 answers: yes - no!
I love your game but if it’s playing for nothing, I stop there because I’m already addicted lol, & all losing frustrated me too much ^^
Thank you for your understanding.

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Understandable. Progress will be wiped. You will lose it.

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ok snif, but thaks fir ansmwer :wink:

I was wondering the same. I saw on their Twitter that they mentioned that progrrss will be lost and it’s quite sad. I just got my beta key and downloading is taking me a good couple of hours so I guess by the time this is ready - the beta will be over :rofl:
Do beta testers get at least something :thinking: or only Founders pack holders?

Testers get nothing. Founders get whatever is listed in whatever pack was bought.