Betrayal Set Effect and Viability?

I am trying to understand the Betrayal relic set but I find it a bit confusing. The 2-set and 4-set effects are clear but for the 6-set pieces here is my question:
When you obtained 3 different orbs you proc Transcendence buff which:

  • Increase attack speed by 40%
  • Reduce cooldown by 50% (except awak and dodge)
  • Remove all debuffs
  • Fill the Identity Gauge

I find this confusing because Removing all debuffs and Fill the Identity Gauge seems to be unique procs while I assume that Increase attack speed is for a certain period of time. So how does this Transcendence buff really works ?

Next is more on the theoretical part as attack speed: + 40% and Reduce cooldown: 50% seem really good. Indeed in an ideal situation 50% reduc cooldown is a 100% damage boost (in the same time frame you cast the spell twice more) and if we add the 40% attack speed this seems actually quite good. Compared to the dominion set it does not give more awakening nor direct skill damage but it gives more attack speed and reduc cooldown.
Since I don’t know the formula used in Lost Ark I don’t know how to evaluate the skill damage and damage to enemies of the dominion relic set, but appart from the fact that you need the 3 different orbs the betrayal set does not seem that bad IMO.

I just want some advise from people that tested this set or that have done the math behind it.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

At least as dps i only use betrayal set on GvG and Chaos dungeon, any other content is salvation for my arty

From what i’ve read since i was looking for some info about this set too, it was used mostly by DPS who couldn’t use any other sets, when there wasn’t the Salvation nor Nightmare ones. It’s RNG based on the ethers to get the stacks to where you want it to get the buff, unless you’re doing Chaos dungeons or GVE/GVG, something like that. So yeah. Unless the info i read was wrong, i think it’s safe to not go for this set. Well i still plan to test it out this week after i get enough mats to use the gear conversion, to see how it goes at least in Trixion, although it won’t reflect actual gameplay.

Yes, it’s just that I find it synergizes especially well with arcana on Emperor-Empress dual build. It gives gauge generation (card generation), reduc CD (indirectly gauge generation/card generation), attack speed which is really good since the Emperor-Empress build is quite static.
It really gives multiple synergies in one which might be a break down (for arcana only) that’s why I am investigating :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok i was correct about the RNG and yeah it’s not really recommended lol coz you have to rely on RNG for the ethers to actually get the buff and i found the video of ATK explaining the sets. Here you go

Yes I saw it but in the video we don’t see the uptime of Transcendence and of the ethers. As such it is quite hard to evaluate it. That’s why I am asking in the forum.
Weither it is the description skill or the description in the video I find them cryptic. I get the overall idea but not the exact functionning