Betrayal/Chaos Dungeons QoF suggestion

The Betrayal set is super usefull for the chaos dungeons, since it speed them up a lot BUT:

  1. When you move to the next area you lose the buff given
  2. The set CD (1 min) won’t reset when the area change unlike the buffs

Given that, (I don’t understand why all the buff, even the nightmare set one, get reset on stage change) I suggest to make the set CD reset like the buffs, becouse it’s not that unusual that you drop the set buffs just right before moving to the next area leaving the user to deal with the stage without the buff for most of it (the armor has 1min cd right now)

I know it’s just a little things, but it will be a QoL improvement for me.

P.S. Can you add even the debuff timer so one know when the orb are going to drop like the Drop of Ether engraving? This will be a good QoL improvement too.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will forward your suggestion to the Dev team.

In the meantime, I look forward to what other players think of this! :slight_smile:

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