Bets on SA catching up to KR


How much rc isit to gold?

We will reach KR levels before Clown release.


It’s impossible to buy accesories for alters with these prices. Pheons are too expensive in SA.

How big the population in SA like? Really scarce or average or high?

I don’t care if prices go up, in fact it’s better for me if you can’t invest money to buy products in the store, that’s not even Amazon’s problem

In what way ?

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I can trade real crystals for functional gold in-game.

You’ll have to buy blue crystals either way, and go through the same process as f2poors. That is, unless it reaches a price so high that buying those blue crystal packs for royals pay better, but its not the case yet

As long as the cost does not rise locally, it will be worth the same as always, inflation is within the game.

this is interesting, at what gold rate it is more better to buy blues directly with rc (rc->bc) than for example (rc->gold->bc) ??

i’m at work atm so won’t be able to calculate that, will get a more complete answer later. one thing i know for sure is that only one blue crystal pack was reasonably priced (in the context of four months ago), it was 2600 Blues for 1100 royals. After that some similar amounts start costing 4-5k royals



“Catch up mechanic is working as intended then” :laughing:

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Cant deny that KEKW

One more day and 0 fucks were given by Amazon.

The Players made the Price not Amazon so why should they give a fck? If the Whales say “i want that amount of Gold for my REAL MONEY”, then its up to them.

AND: Big Point the Dream-Skins are more worth for the Casher since you get more Gold for selling them instead for making the Trade to BC.

Or do you really think if AGS give more RC for Money that the Casher will make the Price less? I think not then they just get more Gold.

Yes it is expensive but, till 1415 you dont need Pheons. 1370 then you just buy argos bus and do daily Chaosdungeon till you can Upgrade to 1415.


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