Better class tester please

If it is possible, please add a system where I can test a class with all the skills, engravings, runes, gems, and skill points level, etc… before I have to create a character. Take the Trixion training room system and apply it for the class tester for a new character. It is hard to get a feel for a class with limited 8 skills and nothing else (no tripod, skill level, runes, engravings, etc…). And if possible please ask the team if the class tester is possible BEFORE creating and naming the character. It’s very annoying to have to delete a character because I don’t like the playstyle then having to rename a different class again. I thought I would like the gameplay of a class, got it to level 50 then realize it was not what I expected, hence the effort I put in was all for naught.

TLDR: Please let players fully test the class out with all the available resources before prompting them to create a character.

Thank you!