Better Communication Is required

As I sit in my 11.7k zinnervale queue (started at 16.5k) I am left wondering why there is so little information.

I went through ffxiv endwalker release and they had queue problems also, they also discussed issue’s with getting new servers. Yoshi P, unlike AGS, took the time to write out exactly what the problems were, how their servers worked etc in detail.

A lot of people are throwing around suggestions for fixes and don’t understand the course of action AGS has taken so far, why don’t AGS and devs tell us in detail how the servers work and WHY they can’t expand them further, do they have plans to rush in server transfers? Even if the answer is it might take weeks to rush in a server transfer system at least we would know and have an idea of how long we need to tolerate the awful queue’s.

Lost Ark director seems like he could do something similar to Yoshi P and address us players directly and inform us of plans etc, it would be nice. We might not like the answers he gives us but at least he would show he cares for our region.

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Smilegate has very little to do with this mess, so LA director couldn’t say much. The fault is on AGS, as they are the ones publishing game in the west and are responsible for preparing and maintaining servers. It is someone in charge of this from AGS who could came up and tell why launch was/is such a disaster. But of course they won’t because they would have to confess to either incompetence or maliciousness. Or both.

To be honest, I’m beyond rage and disappointment right now and I would just want the actual answers and plans for the future. The truth is, current server problems can be solved in only two ways:

  1. AGS steps up and prioritizes working on actual solutions like megaservers/sharding or at least character server transfers.
  2. They will continue with their vague corpospeak PR crap and bandaid pseudo-solutions, so eventually enough people get pissed off and just leave the game for good.

Both ways will result in lowering the queues and I’m afraid that AGS will ultimately choose what’s cheaper, so option 2. I’m only sorry for the bottom-level employees and CMs like Roxx who are used as human shields by inept suits making daft decisions.

After the New World Disaster - it is obviously AGS fault :frowning:

And this is complete bs. Amazon as a publisher is offering their AWS services and marketing for the game. Most of the actual tech work is done and has to be done by Smilegate and Amazon people are helping out pushing that to the AWS servers. Roxx has said this multiple times already that Amazon can’t do anything alone.

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They did communicate what they are working at.

Adding servers over servers to one region or increasing capacity on single servers would just make it worse. Databases can handle just so much, so at some point you would risk huge data loss if you stress the dbs too much.