Better Crystal Ratio

Dear AGS, dear SG,

offer 500k gold for 100 bucks and your bot-problem will be gone. And the AH will work as intended again.

Look at RU.

Thank you.


True…if they just offered more gold than the bots at a cheaper price the bots would lose interest because the time wouldn’t net any buyers


There is only one reason why the bots are still in the game: No competitive prices.
And to be honest (I’m kinda a heavy spender), the stuff in the shop is expensive as fuck.

Now if you look to russia how it was and how it is, no bots but okay prices. (as far as I know from reliable sources)


but royal crystal prices are not made by AGS, they are made by the players.

You cannot really balance those prices manually. Eu and Na have many ranges of average income.

They made the game, of course they can set a price. It is an artificial market, if SG wants, it will be adjusted and that’s it. Somehow, it got adjusted in RU too, right? And what do you think the crystal rate is which you can find in the exchange description? ^^


Russia is a very limited region, it’s much easier to monitor the prices there, if they have a fixed ratio. which i doubt, because the game’s market is 100% player driven. The only exemption is marries shop.

Like i said, good luck figuring out the best value when in EU there are so many countries with huge income differences. To some countries 500 euros / month is average pay, to others 2.000 euros is average pay.

Just look in the description in the exchange and ask yourself what it stands for.
Well, I guess I belong to the people who already earn more bucks than others each month and I call it already expensive. I’m quite sure I’m not alone with that. And talking about russia, well, yea… A lot of poor people who already have not enough money to buy their food. And on the other hand side you have the very rich people.

So, for which persons the ration has been made for? I doubt for the poor.
What ever Lost Ark is either a marathon (you can literally buy the run) nor they have any unwanted trouble with bots.

All the problems are selfmade.

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I wasnt the one being aggressive in the first place


What im saying is true, how is the current games market not player driven? and also if amazon sets a fixed price everything will be refelected on that price. The bot issue wont go away.

IF the average playerbase takes 1 hour to make 100 gold, the bots will make 1000 gold in that hour, and thus being able to bargain at a much lower price.

I cannot explain to you basic terms.

I guess reading is not your best trait.
that’s our conversion rate set by AGS, in RU it’s set to 80 which leads to way better money->gold ratio, which is exactly what people RMTing are seeking for.


So you rather destroy the game by sending it into a inflationary death spiral lmao

I literally said above, that making gold cheaper will not fix any of the issues. It will just lower the average price.

The bots will always be selling gold much cheaper. You guys think that RU has no bots because their ratio is more appealing?

The OP is implying that the bot issue will be solved if AGS makes everything cheaper. Which will lead to EVEN MORE inflation.

already inflated and economy destroyed beyond repair by RMTers, rather have it legit RMT from the shop where BCs are generated in return.

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How is it set by players?

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The exhange ratio serves the purpose of the value of the irl currency to gold.

Everything else is player driven, that’s what i meant by player driven economy. Other games have fixed prices or price ranges that items/gear is sold for. In Lost Ark you can sell everything you want at any price you want.

The whole bot issue is literally an example of how the game’s economy is not dictated by AGS/SG themselves, but by the users in game, whether they are bots or irl players.

Bots are now trading by abusing the gem market and as a result all gem prices have fallen.
IN EUC before the last bot measures, lvl 10 attack gems went for 600k gold now they are down to 480-550k gold.

Same thing happeend with grudge books, adventure map items etc.

Yea i understand what youre saying.

Youre basically saying that since there is no ceiling, i can sell a lv 10 dmg gem for 1 mil and if someone buys it… the next person listing will see it and set theirs there, then the next, then the next. Etc. Constant creeping of prices.

However, i see their point as well. If AGS / SG set the RC to BC conversion at 80 instead of 238 you would effectively triple the gold received by the same investment. Putting it on par with bot gold. Sure, bots would try to under cut and sell lower… but i imagine the majority of people risking bans would settle for the cash shop and dodge the ban out right if they altered the conversion.

Either way. They have to try something. Adjusting RC to BC prices might not hurt as much as letting bots run around for another year. Inflation is inevitable, how fast we get there can be controlled.


Yea, you could observe it how inflated the russian market from the russian version became, right?
But no word about it since I suspect, you are a AGS employee. And if not most likely the biggest troll I met.

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@Sogeki described our argument perfectly.

What i want OP to understand is that they are bringing RU as an example, but RU is a completely different case.

They are a limited region with a much more controllable customer profile, it’s much easier to adjust the exchange ratio when you know what the average income of that target group is.

EU for example is consisted of so many countries with a huge variation in income.

On top of that, RU has no bot issues to the extend we have (correct me if im wrong). Saying that RU is in a better state only because they have a more appealing exchange ratio is not correct. KR is a perfect example of that, they suffer with inflation all the freaking time.

@Oriental be less aggressive, i believe that if we had very limited bots and they reduced the exchange ratio that it would be the perfect solution.

People have been RMTing even when 95 blue crystals were worth 400 gold.

But you see, AGS sets the parameters under which this economy operates.

Blue Crystals are needed by design - you cannot progress without pheons or only with the free pheons we occasionally get. And blue crystals cannot be generated by any other means than through royal crystals, which can only be created with cash.

And in all this, AGS controls 1) the number of pheons needed per transaction, 2) the price of pheons in blue crystals, 3) the price of blue crystals in royal crystals, and 4) the price of royal crystals in cash. On top of that, they also control how much gold can be generated by doing content (which affects the value of gold in player’s time as well as the price of blue crystals in gold), as well as the amount of stuff we can buy in event vendors as well as other vendors such as the temporary gold shop.

That is to say, while they are not micromanaging supply and demand - aside from handing out free stuff and controlling vendors - they set almost all the other variables under which the ‘player-run economy’ operates.

That’s why I believe this ‘player-run economy’ is just a myth. They influence this market in very powerful ways.


Less aggressive? What ever.
I mean, somehow all the ingame stuff in the RU version got cheap, basically in a very good way that everyone could play the game (fair cirumstances). Sad that RU changed their payment policies.

And no, there would be no bots if SG makes gold more competitive: the gold-seller would move to a different game because you know why? They have to pay bills on their own (economical basics) and there is literally no single reason for them sticking to a dying game like LA, especially if no one buys their gold anymore.

But here are some basics and thoughts: What happens if AGS keeps the bots in the game? Correct, the prices for crystals stay high and people keep paying insane amounts of money.
Meanwhile the event came and suddenly the AH isn’t working anymore but the ingame shop is.

People say it is caused by bots. Fine. Maybe it is true but those bots were already in the game one day before the event. And these bots were already in the game when people said their count is something around 700k but somehow the AH was working fine back in the time.


The AH was working fine because bots could gain gold through other resources.

Rapport system, Grudge books ,etc.

Since AGS is limiting their options to gain gold, they move to the next target. This target atm is Gems. Those little fkers are smart.

It is exactly what you are describing. They need to manage the bots, somehow. They will keep ruining this economy even if people dont buy from them. I have seen massive bot amounts in games that have less than 3k players. There will always be people falling for their cheap prices.

Only time will tell. If i offended you somehow i apologise, i didnt want to have a fight with you over this.