Better fix those issues before ranked starts next week

So there are two pretty major bugs going on in PVP right now for quite a while :

  • the timer being “stuck” at 0 when it goes into overtime (the timer isn’t really stuck but always show zero second remaining untill the end of the match)

  • the “hidden” mmr getting reset EVERY TIME you log off /switch characters, meaning you end up against new players every time and that’s not fun for anyone involved. Now if that bug doesn’t affect ranked when it hits, it’s not THAT much of a big deal but if it does… well the entire start of the ranked season will be a giga mess.

Are you guys even aware of those issues ? It’s been WEEKS now @Roxx


Shameless bump

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No one cares about PVP. Give it a rest.

We care, get out with your useless comments.

I really hope things get better in the PVP part of the game once ranked comes out . It is as important to me as is PVE . And while we are at it , we want GvG at some point too…

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Yeah that bug is annoying, u can get into overtime, then get 1-2 30 seconds in kills and u have to desperatley survive for another 30-60 seconds because it just wont end and then ur unlucky they kill 2 of u 60 seconds after u already killed 2 of them in overtime and overtime ends exactly after and they win lol

but about 1/3rd of the time overtime ends correctly so u cant even get used to the bug xD