Better information in patch notes!

Next time, you can just say in patch notes, that the reward is only for 1!!! server in the same region, then people dont claim it on other servers than they play on.

It literally tells you in your product inventory and is the default for everything you claim from the product inventory. The patch notes say you can claim the gift from the product inventory.

I agree that the patch notes are lacking information a lot of the time but now you are just grabbing for straws to complain. Reading comprehention is important.

Imagine i was forced to play on different servers otherwise i couldn’t play with my friends but because of 5 hours queue. But i guess thats my mistake too right?

No the problem you made for yourself is claiming something from the product inventory on another server than you are playing on even though you know the default for items claimed from the product inventory is that you can claim it only on one server.