Better Matchmaking or iLVL Synch

I have noticed a strange trend of players with 1300+ ilvl joining for T1 Guardian Raids and Rohendel Abyssal Dungeons.

Now I understand that some people want to farm for cards, others want the gold bonus and some want their weekly task done, but it just doesn’t work to mix low ilvl players with high ones.

I personally don’t like this for multiple reasons:

  1. They basically one shot a boss, which doesn’t allow newer players to actually learn mechanics and to play the game.
  2. Many of them follow up the kill with “You’re welcome for the carry.” I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the random PUG group in matchmaking asking you to carry them.
  3. Another lot intentionally dies to one-shot mechanics (such as the dark wave at the first boss in Hildebrandt Palace) and then spam the “vote to restart” button, saying “restart so I can do this myself”

I know it’s a PUG group, so technically anything is possible, but this kind of behaviour is easily avoidable with some tweaks, like synching the item lvl to the highest to be expected in the content, having a requirement to enter alone if you cross certain ilvl threshold (Guardian Raids only) or remove the ability to select the “Matchmaking” option for players above certain ilvl threshold, forcing people to use Party Finder for the purpose they actually want out of it, allow them to enter with low ilvl only if they’re entering as a full party or set the matchmaking to being able to match only with players with 100 less or more ilvl than the player queueing.

I think this is the reason that so many T3 players encounter people that have no idea how to play the game in the endgame content, many of those players most likely get carried by those “generous” high ilvl people and then they find themselves utterly lost in a content where they’re required to play properly.

It would definitely be greatly appreciated if something was done about this situation so more people could enjoy the game ^^

I’d like to bump this up a bit, got lost in the sea of “NO GLAIVIER” hahah

I totally agree with you.

I start alts too and genuinely want to try the mechanics of the different characters and see how they perform. But if I get matched with higher tiers (e.g. T3 doing T1 abyssals) then there is no fun at all as the abyssals finish in 3 mins and I sometimes don’t even get to DPS anything before the boss is dead.

I obviously can’t say everyone feels the same way I do, but I wonder whether the new players that recently joined might also feel left out. There’s no sense of accomplishment when you get “carried” like that.

As the game currently stands, there is a big portion of players in T3 and the bottleneck is around 1400. But the cycle continues and raids like Argos, Legion etc would also be boring eventually, if there are constantly much higher ilvl players in your groups.

As you say, perhaps there should be an improvement to the matchmaking system, or at least allow an option for synced/unsynced runs.

@Roxx do you perhaps have any comment on this at all? Is this a potential feature in the future?

It works on islands that way. Guess it should not be that hard to implement this in guardians and abyss.

I agree in a lot of ways. Abyss dungeons should have soloable versions. However any raids like abyss or legion raids should be soloable if you know the mechs. Maybe just implement soloable versions of older content? since were in t3, anything below t3 should be able to solo. Seems like the best soloution overall, then you can rightfully lockout t3 players from t2 and below dungeons and what not. But what’s the problem with making your own group? If this is very common for you, and you don’t want these high ilvl players, then make your own group?

Synced runs is what I would agree is the best option. Scale down the gearscore, but maybe keep the engravings and gems, stats and what not. Sort of like a min-maxed 460 gearscore player doing a 460 dungeon. There are achievements for guardian raids to “break them apart” and I can’t do this on my main since I kill the guardians too fast, and have to use an alt close to the ilvl for it.

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I dont mind having an alt being pushed to far content being carried on early bosses. they are useless anyway.
if you want to learn a class and want to do the mechs, then play solo man.
just because you dont like it does not mean its not good. you just dont like it which is fair
now dont try to change a system that works for other people. there are a few bosses that are a nightmare to deal with when u have the recommended GS, even more with t1-t2 bosses.
t3 bosses are much better because they seem optimized for the GS, so people that use brains can defeat them much easier than t1-t2 bosses with recommended GS.
play solo boss and you will learn its mechs. there is no point on wasting time on t1/t2 bosses anyway

Understandably, T1 and T2 contents are relatively boring if you’re higher up… but one of the point I tried to make is that the cycle will apply to everything else. E.g. T3 content will be boring when eventually you got T4 players in your group and so forth.
The current number of players does not capture the future state of this game, so we would always have new players doing these content for the first time. So perhaps it should be designed to be enjoyably challenging for everyone regardless of when you start Lost Ark.
True, they have the option to do them solo, however it is a MMO, so I presume a lot of people (i.e., not all ofc) want to do content with others rather than solo.