Beware Punika Growth Support Scam

The original Punika Growth Support package was worth buying - however the price of GHLs has dropped and the number of GHLs in the pack has been reduced despite the price remaining the same.

It’s a clever marketing trick, they released the pack with a certain number of GHLs so we all think to ourselves “That’s worth it” - they they reduce the number of GHLs in the pack. Some people are probably going to buy the package based on the original one which was worth it.

I’m really surprised they did this - changing the price I’d understand, but changing the contents of the pack and keeping the name the same is really shitty practice. They should have changed the name of the pack if they were going to do this so that people aren’t tricked into thinking it contains the same number of leapstones as the original one.

Be careful.


Or… and stay with me here. They actually did a mistake releasing the first version of the pack, apologized and also stated that the content of the punika pack is still worked on.


Ok and earth is flat and theres a hidden ancient tech city under amazon forest.

Doesnt change the fact that some people got to buy the better version 3x and keep it

Yes. Shit happens. Since the ones who bought it used it right away it was not possible to take it from them.

Deal with it.

It was a straight up mistake nothing to it.

Yo not saying that OP is correct in this case, but its a well known fact that companies use a lot of these types of tricks to make more profits, or even conspiracies and turn out to be true all along.

The light bulb conspiracy is true, the first light bulb is still burning bright to this day and has been on for over a hundred or so years, not sure exactly but the took the design and purposely made the product have a certain lifespan before it require replacing.

The interesting part is there was laws in place that prevented light bulb companies from releasing a product that last longer then the agreed maximum hours they could last, Australia was fined for breaking these rules with a number of light bulbs.