Beyond the Point of Caring

But it really is either a Tragedy or a Comedy.

The nonstop Beserker Bot Train in North Vern between the Chaos Dungeon and the Repairer, Winry, is so blatant and obtuse, its a wonder how these accounts are active and not insta-banned.

The thing that makes it comical is that whatever actions against bots are being taken, it obviously doesn’t include an employee sitting in game, literally in one spot, and grabbing account names to ban.

Better yet, give that person the authority, power and technical widget to right-click > insta-ban.

Something is being done alright. A lot of looking the other way if you ask me.

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No that is inefficient and costs money. AGS doesn’t do things inefficient and also does not like losing money.

You see how those bots are moving back and forth hundreds of times exactly the same 1 to 1 linear pathing?

Yet somehow they can’t make a bot detection that can detect and flag those as bots.

Pretty fking hilarious right?

Like those button inputs in those EXACT spot pathing must be happening so often that I can imagine a big red line indicating this is not normal player behavior and yet…they cant detect it!

Too complex!!!
They can’t tell if bot or real!

Imagine creating a program that tracks how long a player is online for and if you observe them being online for 24+ hours straight, that might indicate that they’re not human?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Totally not like the people who man the bots, which is their livelihood, can’t restart their botting systems every X hours right before the 24 hour mark. I feel like a lot of people on this forum give solutions that don’t actually fix anything like Infinite Chaos vendor.

That’s kind of the problem, they don’t want to spend ANY money it seems to fix the problem… A solution requires effort and in this case money, and I feel like they’re failing on both parts… At a point they’ll lose more money from people just leaving than they’d have spent to make people happier. The rampant nature of this is essentially telling people that they aren’t willing to do much to stop this.

Maybe they should hire you!

So, your argument as to why the system will not work is because they will restart their clients?

Are they restarting their clients every hour? Every two hours? Every 10? Every 12?

They can implement a system that flags an account if that account is playing for a prolonged period and then have a team investigate said account further before making a determination.

I am sorry that I didn’t go too deep into my point, I didn’t think it was necessary. Thanks for proving otherwise.

You see these bot accounts online for 12+ hours everyday, every week, every month. Yes, I understand some people either work from home, or are retired and have more free time than others, but combating bots is a multi step process. You cast a net to try and catch them, and then you pick through what was caught to filter out legitimate vs illegitimate.

I’m pretty sure that at this point AGS would love to fix the botting issue but can’t because SG don’t care enough and they can’t justify using their own money as they are just the publisher. lmao.

SG don’t care enough to implement or make/buy a better bot detection system, so they just come up with brain dead CHEAPEST attempts like, less gold in starter quests, vpn bans, steam trusted,…all sound pretty simple and dumb don’t they? That’s because it’s the cheapest route.

So since SG don’t care AGS can’t do anything because both sides don’t want to put massive amounts of time and money into implementing a better system.

Legit both sides don’t wanna pitch in the money so we are stuck with the bots LMAO

They could easily restart their clients every 10-12 hours. As i said, this is the botter’s livelihood. Bots typically get banned every weekly reset. The system you are proposing is something that is looking at the botters on a week-monthly basis which is not the problem. What we need a system is something that can cause the bots to get banned daily not every week which is what is already happening.

There is no system that exists that can see the bots banned daily. Sorry. Even FFXIV bans on a weekly basis, why? Because if they banned daily, that would give the botters a more narrow field in which to develop the counter to whatever flags them.

EDIT: Also, them banning 1 or 2 accounts weekly when a botter has 50+ accounts is nothing. If you check the cheater forums, you’ll see people bragging how maybe they’ll lose an account of two with the ban waves, but still have many other accounts active. The system they are using isn’t working and needs a lot more refinement.

Then bots are inevitable in this game and no fix can do anything. 1 Week time is enough to get una tokens on 500k+ accounts and put more gold in the economy for RMT purposes.

Bots are inevitable in every f2p game.

To be fair, maybe something IS being done, but like I’ve said and others have eluded to, what is being done relies on existing infrastructure.

When the existing infrastructure is the issue, it’s hard to remedy the situation with more existing infrastructure.

Instead of paying a coder to try and write a program to detect a program, just get a real live person to use powers of deduction and assess bots from humans.

How about a team of em??? Now there’s a novel idea. I managed to nab more than 100 different account names in under 5 minutes. Imagine 8 hour shifts. Give @Roxx and friends the power to insta-ban. That would require being in game and all…

If you have a popular online game, its going to be an ongoing battle.

Honest question: Are there ANY successful anti-bot measures being implemented in other games? I would prefer objective evidence to theory crafted speculation.

amazon can easily hire someone from india and pay them $5 an hour to do this.
They have been doing this for their customer service supports as well as their software enigneers. Welcome to the world of capitalism.

Honestly I’d rather see the game dying before seeing someone hiring someone else for 5$.

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