Bidding and Buying off Auction House

Hello. I have been bidding on some items in the auction house. I notice that as you bid, get outbid then rebid, it calculates using what you already bid…
5g bid with 15 pheon cost
Rebid to 15g and 15 pheon it only removes 10g from your inventory.

The problem for me comes when I have Highest Bid, but buyout the item because im tired of waiting. I had 3460 or so gold bid on an item, bought it out for 4000g. My inventory balance went from 12000g to 8000g which would mean it extract the entire amount from my inventory without refunding the already bid 3460. It ALSO took another 15 Pheons from my currency tab.

This has happened on a few purchases I recently did resulting in spending almost 30k gold instead of 20k or so.

I might be wrong, but im fairly certain im not. So would someone look into this or explain it to me please?

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