Bifrost slots should be unlocked for everyone and Aura should get rid of the CD

Using Bifrost and ask for 20crystals if you need to go back before the 2 hours CD is a scam.

The funny part is that if you buy the Aura you have 2 more slots asking you for 20 Crystals to reset the CD, so your are asking customers to pay for the Aura in order to have more slots available which ask you to pay 20crystals everytime they’re in CD, what a smart business move…

Biforst slots should be ALL unlocked by default and Aura advantage should just get rid of the 2h CD removing the crystals fee.


I use it exactly once everyday. For all i care the cooldown could be 22h…


if you plan your way around the map, u dont need more CD on them

Just go to the port and pay a miniscule amount of silver to use the ocean liners.
Games like WoW made you walk everywhere or wait for a 10 min flightpath, and now we’re complaining about not being able to freely use 3-5 bifrost locations and a hearth stone.

You have 4 bi-frost and 1 song to move around like you wish…other MMOs I played don’t allow you to so easily go where you wish and have way less instant teleportation.

Paying to reset a teleportation cooldown is a bonus, not a scam…although I never had to pay crystal to teleport, I just use liners for like 1500 silver which is basically free.

Actually other games allow you to move more freely, Lost Ark is disaster in this segment.
In Tera MMO, you could save up to 10 locations and teleport there instantly without any cooldown (Imagine having 10 bifrost location without cooldown).
So yea, Lost Ark does have really bad teleport system compared to some other games.

That kinda destroys player-to-player interaction or remotely see anyone travelling which is (I actually don’t care) kind of bad for most players immersion.

They managed to monetize teleport and people are totally ignoring the fact lol.

People aren’t ignoring it, it really just doesn’t matter as much as it’s being made out to be up there.
You’re pretty much only going to use Bifrosts to bounce between Una locations because they really don’t save much time otherwise. Ocean liners are a much better way of moving between continents.

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Your hate boner is showing