Bifrost switch used blue AND royal crystals

Apparently I had reset bifrost too recently so I bit the bullet and used the 50 crystals to change to a better spot. However, I noticed in the chat box it said in addition to ‘used crystal x50’ it also showed ‘used royal crystal x600’ AND ‘used royal crystal (free) x110.’ That’s around $7 down the drain that shouldn’t have been taken away. Screenshot is attached so you can see chat box.

It also gave u 36.000 card exp xP


Now if you check F4 store, you should have 710 Royal Crystals (the same as before spending 50 Blue Crystals)

If it is the same “bug” I have, pretty much since release. Every time I open the F4 shop the first time of the day or week, it says “used xx Royal Crystals” in the chat and tells me how many I have, not spent.

I believe it happens because the shop server and game server are separated, but I’m no expert and could only speculate.

When you have withheld funds, like 2000 gold from RC exchange, you start with D+3 2000g, on next daily reset it will switch to D+2 2000g, but in chat it says “Used 2000 Gold.”
Something similar might have happened here

Maybe the Localization Team was lazy or simply overlooked it, in my opinion it is a very bad and misleading choice of words or the devs programmed it like this, I don’t know.

But unless someone checks your account and confirms that crystals are missing, I believe you did not spend crystals to save the bifrost slot, it is just the game telling you that you have 710 Royal Crystals left (including 110 free ones, from Founder’s Pack or whatever) - in the worst possible way

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This means you have 600 (paid) crystal, 110 (free) crystal, and used 50 crystal.

I asked AGS about the same message 5 months ago. Took purchasing something else to confirm what the message meant

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That shouldn’t have made me laugh but it did :laughing:

Yes, you and @TheDarkerPhantom are correct, thank you for clarifying. Poor choice of words on the dev’s part.