BIG MS spikes only in ranked games... Please leave your feedback!

Hello Guys,

I am reaching out to all of you. PLEASE help or share your comments.

Have you experienced big MS spikes from 200 ms to 4000 ms just in ranked games? Is there some DDOS cheat or something like that, I have over 900mb/s stable connection on cable all good from my side. All other activities are working normally. Normal TDM, TE no lag, no MS issues. i get about 10-30 ms all the time. As soon as I sign up for a ranked game, BENG then the lags come and the ms starts from 200 and goes up. I also got this error that I cannot connect to the server and the game closes. This is very annoying because I lost a lot of time with the penalty and MMR and I am slowly losing my nerve.

Can somone help me ?


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Same issues happening to me.

No such thing. Probably some issue between you and the server. Try a VPN.

how it is happening only in ranked pvp games? Not in normal, not in raids, not in city etc. Pvp ranked games works on diffrent servers ? You dont think this is not normal? If i will have problem with connection to the server i should have the problem all the time and on every activity not only in ranked pvp games dont you think so ? I dont need VPN im located in central Europe.

Maybe they have different servers? Also VPN is nothing to do with where you are but it can be used to give a different route to the location, which may fix your issue.