Big powerpass flaw or just dumb asmon

Asmon just found out the gifted powerpasses you receive expire in your mail if you don’t redeem it. I really feel for him.

Well…that’s on you then. Using the power pass does not make it expire.


ahaha ain’t on me, I’m fine. It’s asmongold I’m talking about him. I’m just saying I feel for him is all.

Was talking about “you” in general as the player.


Didn’t know they changed “Game feedback” to “Streamer feedback”.


If a player does it, is that different to a streamer? Just saying it can happen to anyone.

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ok what is the reason for not using the aura?

imo flawed system that just never got addressed because it’s only once in a blue moon that someone makes this mistake.

He also leaves countless mail and items unclaimed, so it doesn’t happen to normal people.

But yeah, the idea of “why do you need to click an extra time for it to not expire but have the same end result” is kind of silly.

Yeah its very rare for someone to make that mistake. I just hope for any normal player that goes through this can contact support and get one mailed to them. Just funny how this came to light is all and I hate to think of the small amount of people this happened to and still don’t realise.

This is often the consequence for people who are single-minded in nature. Refused to try and explore something new and you stunt your personal growth in the end. Not really the games fault if you leave things unclaimed.

All items that expire have a clock icon and a timer in the tooltip. Also saving an additive bonus for what lol. Love Asmon and his content but his loot management and the red notification dots fk with my head man. I hate that shit xD

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I mean, even if you set your mind in stone to never play an alt. You could still claim the power pass and never use it…

It LITERALLY says it on them lmao

I know and agree. I’m just saying, that mentality is what cost him here.

Reminds me of that thread a couple days ago where they let their login event rewards expire, and thought they could claim them after the period was over.

It’s personal responsibility and sometimes people forget, but it’s still their responsibility.

We had a laugh at his expense in my guild discord. At the same time I have stuff in my FFXIV mail that’s been there 3 years.
Does WoW have mail timers? I don’t remember.

Either way his inventory management is trauma inducing bless him.

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This game is kind of messy in how it handles that kind of thing. Mail expires, but it has a separate section for store stuff (“product inventory”) and things that can sit there for eternity and never expire. You’d think something like a powerpass would end up in that inventory rather than via mail that expires.

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Well it does until you claim it from the store then you use it right away, or at least thats how it works in theory.

Yeh reading fine print shouldnt be expected but there is no reason not to auto consume it either

you have 30 days to redeem them from mail

whats more concerning to me is that rmt’ers can just send streamers 100k gold or mounts worth 200k gold and nothing happens.

Power pass doesn’t expire after redeeming it. So it’s his fault. I would prefer if support just said “Sucks to be you” because idk why he would ignore it.