BIG: Stop splitting party member channels/instances!

I’m playing with my friends, we go to a new area, or are forced apart for solo story moments, and when we come back together, our party of 2, 3, or 4, ALWAYS end up on different channels. We have NEVER been put together into the same channel after a transition.

I have never played an MMO (I’ve been a gamer for 30+ years) and never seen this kind of failure in a massively MULTIPLAYER game, that’s designed for social experiences.

FIx this before launch, please.


Love that this is still a problem at launch.


Yeah this load balancing or whatever is going on is really frustrating when you’re in a party. My group just decided we’d always go back to a particular channel. Poor solution to a solvable problem.

I think they should have a few channels strictly reserved for parties - so once you move areas, the system doesn’t need to worry about regular channel placement exceeding the cap, and would place the party members in that channel together. That, or allow groups to bypass the channel cap in order to remain together.

Not sure if this was ever changed on KR version but on Russia it does the same as you’re describing.

I really dont know why they didnt add an option to lock it at least for parties…

And still a problem :smiley: