BIG update is soon and yet there's no communication

We’re getting big patch on Thursday right?.. but it’s as if nothing is gonna happen on Thursday.

There’s no hype at all, no words, no advertisement, no nothing.

Usually when u get massive patch like this in mmo, u get big marketing advertisement like showcasing the avatars, releasing raid promo, new class showcase and all.

But it’s as if nobody cares and we’re just waiting patch notes untill the day before just like any other regular maint… it feels so…idk what to say – very unexciting.


Well I would hope too that we get the notes within today. At least they made a twitter post today :wink:

Yup. Apparently Smilegate works similarly in Korea, releasing everything pretty late.

The difference is that when it releases, they do have proper showcases in Korea. Here we don’t. Nowhere near the level Korea gets.

You ecpected communication? Must be new here


I think the issue is more to do with marketing, or the lack of. If you don’t market a big content update at least one week before release, you arent going to get any outside interest.

We all know about the update and that’s great but know one else will. Any other mmo would of taken out ad space and have videos made detailing every aspect of the content update. I understand for lost ark the release window for new content is smaller than other mmo’s but that’s more of a reason to be quick with marketing.

AGS are relying on content creators to market their product, which is fine but that type of marketing doesnt really go beyond existing fans of the game, or the hardcore gaming (twitch/youtube) crowd.

How about AGS spend a little on marketing and back their highest grossing product instead of relying on the community and content creators doing unpaid work.

With bots, marketing and communication in general it shows that AGS are not interested when it comes to investing money back into their products. They simply want to take money out.

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Gonna be funny when its delayed because of “insert excuse here”.


Is this a thing nowadays to say something like that in Murica? Never heard it before but the last week’s multiple times in here.

they hired a lit major instead of a marketing department so we have some essays on the website

although imo they’re waiting until they’ve fixed the bots to really push marketing, no point having new players that instantly quit

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Usually used by people who don’t have any good arguments and just copy what other people say and spam it! Its like watching an old meme getting posted every day!
I can easily counter this by saying ‘I have plants on my room so i can touch grass whenever i want’ :rofl:

Naw we get a top 5 of May update and that’s it


It’s just a term that the kids thought up i guess that we all found funny. First i heard it I thought they meant pushups


Top tier marketing boys, just spam top 5s for the YouTube …

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What form of communication are yoy looking for, because if you mean patch notes , last oatch we had no one read them and made threads why reading them isnt important, so i think they are listening to player feedback

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Biggest patch so far we need some sort of advertisement like a trailer

You’ll be iight, what will a trailer do for you when you already know what’s coming, plus they could still put one out, just tomorrow b4 patch

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This is what we getting this next patch. Ur welcome!


Expect another lame 30 second teaser and literally nothing else.

Compare KR hype advertising to the Western and it’s just humiliating and makes us look lazy