Bind amazon account with stream account will fix the bot problem?

If we actually bind steam account with amazon account, will this fix the botting problem? Additionally to make sure the amazon account has the prime subscribe history in the pass, will this be better to make sure this is a real human behind the amazon account?

Will do nothing.

first off, these people literally sell fake amazon prime trials, so trust me they will get over this.

2nd, not everyone or every country with the game have amazon or amazon prime

No, because if some prime history is required, this is essentially a paywall and they’d be better off making the game pay to play as you can make as many steam and amazon accounts as your heart desires.

I don’t know how Amazon manages account creation for the main or Prime account to know if it would be any stricter. You still get fake accounts on Amazon leaving fake reviews and so on though.

Imo, in this case would help only voluntary game master program. As I understood there are no funds to feed ags employees as ig GMs operating in this matter anyway. I think the communities of each server would take care of it responsibily, as players are the ones fed up by this situation the most.