Black Anvil Mine - fishing

According to the map details, you can fish in Black Anvil Mine (Yorn). However, there is no fishing spot.

The idea might have been to put one in Empyrean Lakeside, but with the amounts of aggressive moths, spiders, and turtles, fishing there wouldn’t be any fun.

Perhaps you have already found this out, but …
if you hover your mouse over the fishing hook on the black anvil mine map it says “secret fishing spot” so you won’t see an icon for fishing on the map.
You could run around the map, looking for secret spots … or if you are like me, you google it and see if someone else has already found it and wanna share it with the internet world :smiley:
and it turns out someone did … Skwidlegs has a video about the LOST ARK Black Anvil Mine Secret Fishing Spot

Heya! Thanks for extending the helping hand.

@RosemaryPalm could you confirm that you did find the fishing spot?