Black Friday "Deal"

What a great steal. for the price of 100€ topup, you can get a variant of an already existing skin costing 20€! So generous AGS, can’t believe what I am seeing!

I know that there are other things in the pack, but hiding a skin variant of a regular skin we already have in the shop behind a 100€ paywall and calling it a good deal is a bit questionable and greedy.

If this were the legendary skins, or something truly special I can get behind it, but this is so generic.


Personally just realized too, each “class” has it’s specific variant too of the skins. I can’t get the thigh high boot variant on anything except “mage” classes. Kinda disappointed tbh

Yeah all classes having different skins is a bit upsetting also :frowning:

Bro it’s just a skin.

You can get the white version for the normal price. This is just a “prestige” deal.

Is this the first time you see that kind of packs in a f2p game? lol…

If you dont want to put in the extra cash, you can also buy it from the AH.

This bundle will also give whales an extra reason to spend some cash and lower the BC prices.

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Finally, a quality post that I agree with. Yes, it’s a lord skin and I bought 3 of it.
OP, you’re welcome that I lowered the prices for your blue crystals.

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