Black Friday Packages and Disconnects


I occasionally spend some money on the packages in Lost Ark, but I think the fact that you’re adding new microtransactions at a point when your game is borderline unplayable in EU Central is bizarre.

I’m sure the teams who work on this are separate to those who work on network problems, but please someone understand how ridiculous this looks that you’re creating new £70 packages whilst we can’t complete a raid without multiple disconnects.

Get the priorities straight.

Thank you.


Doodoo take. It’s a problem they’re working on. You’d rather have the disconnects without the store deals? Xd

What looks ridiculous is this forum post lol

Just don’t spend money on those packages.

Would you like to spend money when you’re constantly DC’ing for nearly a month?

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It feels really wierd to never hear from the real “team” working on stuff.
No explainations, no real updates on the matter - not even a “this and that are causing the problem, we try to find a fix without rollback…”

I mean I play since release and I remember a certain post where u guys @Community-Team said u will be transperent with every decision, and sometimes brutally so.

Don’t get me wrong but" the team is informed and is working on it" isnt really “transperent” and leaves a bad taste.

I mean sure the CM’s doing there best and can only post what they get told, but I somehow feel disconnected (pun intended) from the guys (and the game, again) who really work on the game.

So whole weekend was kinda bad experience and then comes this pack which is not bad, and I really would like to buy it. But I’m not sure if the servers are not burning next week :man_shrugging:


I feel like this is a problem that just can’t be fixed here. It seems AGS doesn’t get much info from SG on the matter in the first place, the disconnect already happens between publisher and developer.

Definitely needs improving cause we, as the community, only get small crumbs.

That’s a nice way of saying we get sh*tted on

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I’m not sure if SG is even involved. To me it looks like a server/EAC client issue. So AGS has own tech team for server issues, and they could say w/e… I’m at this point even satisfied with:

"yo bois, tech team Toni here. We are aware of the dc issue and we searched 2 days and didn’t found the problem, EAC is making funny stuff maybe water helps dunno, but we are on it! "

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I really hope so

But I wouldn’t be surprised either if they played responsibility ping pong with SG

You do not understand.
It is (connectivity) black (out) friday.
The packages cost would cover daily salary of few game devs that are working hardly on fixing DC bug.

Wooot!, but we got thanksgiving specials going on for black friday lmao


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