Black Friday sale

It’s like people don’t know that Black Friday Deals are fake, have been, always were :joy:

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yeah iduno in NA but my country every time it sale mean they double the base price and put 50% sale on it

50% or clearance/closing sale hahahaha

Hey at least these are deals versus the regular “Thanksgiving” gem packs there was a picture of

This is a rarity for this version of the game as NOTHING ever goes on sale like this

If you wanna buy, would be a good time to

That’s all I’m saying

I’m buying them all and the roster limit of 3 for the $100 pack. Gonna be pretty sweet.

Can you make an unboxing video of those packs? I would like to watch.

Sure mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My money will stay with me.

Amazon never payment


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