Black Friday Steal!

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Please dont stop giving your money to AGS, demonstrate them your Dog Style Fidelity.
With a bit of luck, they will see they can get your money for free, even if they insert a giant spiked stick in your ass meanwhile.

This Christmas you will look fantabulous! with your new skins, closing disconnect windows every 10 minutes while dodges Brelsaza skills.

Bro everyone is dropping there skin anyway if new skins are released…

Imagine i bough all of them and imagine i had 0 disconnect in the last 3 months. And you calling me dumb because i like the game and i want to support it :slight_smile: Nice mentality.

I too like the game but i have a brain and i won’t support the scammy people behind it, especially since they are actively going against us with their decisions and can’t fix the servers after 2 weeks.

You had 0 disconnects cus you are not playing the game :slight_smile:

story for what

You know they testing waters to put legendary skins on the store for 100€ pop ;D

This is nothing new and nothing AGS has invented.

Since always some items have been available only behind a paywall, it can be either behing a RNG paywall or a fixed amount paywall.
I don’t think I can name a game with in game purchases that haven’t done this practise.

No, EUW just doesn’t have this problem. I am doing x6 legion raids every week and in the last 3 weeks only 1 person had DC in all 54 legion raids for this period. Imagine not all regions has this problem.