Black rain plains Bug

I have a problem with the Black rain plains instance/Story mission, in the final zone of Feiton : the final boss is invisible, and it is impossible for me to win this battle because of it. Can I get any information about either how to fix it or an idea of when this will be fixed ? I don’t see anyone with a similar problem…
Thank you for helping !

Hello @eo4.daniel, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear about this issue with your game, before we start working on a solution I wanna know if you have done any sort of troubleshooting so I can take that into consideration?
I’ll be waiting!


I have tried the instance 3 times with 3 times the same result, I do not have the best graphic card so I have some performances issues which might have impact over the bug.
Also, it is impossible to skip the cinematics in this quest, but the last 2/3 cinmatics are automaticly skippedn I don’t really understand why, but it does make the experience feel a bit buggy.
I don’t know exactly the details of what is supposed to happen, but that is all I got sir ! It does feel pretty weird to not see anyone have this problem…Ty for the help, hopping for a quick fix as soon as possible : D

Ok, i tried a forth time and it still didn’t work, then i reset my computer, shut everything that is not related to lost ark down, set the graphics in the lowest possible quality and it finnaly worked…