Black Screen on loading Screen

Ever since May 26th 2022 patch, I’ve been having a few black loading screen such as this one:

Thank you for reporting you’re having this issue as well.

I’ve reported this over to the development team in a previous thread however, are you having this at certain locations or is it random for you?

The only time I’m able to consistently reproduce this black screen is when I fast travel to the Geyser Basin Tripod in Starsand Beach from another Zone for the first time after booting the title.

Also, just to make it clear, the game still load the Zone fine and without issue. Its just visually odd :wink:

Same issue here, every loading screen is black for whatever reason.

That is odd, one user here had it so that individual areas were having this issue but not all areas/random.

I’ll get this over to the development team as this seems to be a seperate issue.

I want to report that since the latest patch I have the issue that every loading screen is black same as the picture above. Every single one.

same. i wrote it 2 times in open seas area chat and other users said they have the same problem (2 times they said they have this problem since the last patch). i tried fixing game files in steam but it didnt help. i am not planning to reinstall the game. for me to be specific only the original location screen is not loading. the occasional screens like “t3 content entry guide” load correctly.