BlackFang Quest bugged - To Wavestrand Port


As you can see in the pic below, the quest guide seems to be false as i just defeated Sidus. You will not get to this part without defeating him. However, after defeating Sidus, there is no additional information on how to continue the quest. I tried to do every emote i have and played every song i have, but its still not working.

Please help.


Hello, I figured it out. Use the Encourage emote. I literally just had the same issue and typed /encourage and it worked! Hope that helps!


It worked! Thank you so much for your help!

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Worked! Thank you!

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glad I found this. I just got to the quest and it’s broken like this for me

Still bugged today. Thanks for the help figuring what emote to use.

Its not bugged, this is the quest, you suppose to come up with something unexpected and cheer her up, you should read the convo tho

Thanks for the solution i was going nuts!

When ppl have eyes, but fail to see… Look at the quest right under your minimap on screenshot?

Thank you


This quest is yet bugged, thanks you so much for sharing the “fix”!!!

But @DEVs should really fix this.

Centeotl confirmed that this was reported to dev back when I reported it a few days back:

Still bugged. And as for the snarky kids saying “read the quest” Defeat Sidias in Stormcry Grotto. If you take a moment to read the OP, you wont look like a chump.

Indeed. There is nothing that says anything about emotes. This needs to be fixed. If it weren’t for the replies here I would have never completed this.

It does. I just completed this quest today. In fact if you look at the screenshot provided in original post, the emotes options are provided.

^ cropped from the screenshot in #1
How is this a bug? You just did not read.

That option was not there. Hence maybe why we said it was a bug? Hard to phantom I guess.

Still bugged 5 months later

Confirming still bugged did not see What classicmix had in his SS.