Blackfang Rapport Locked

I decided to try for the Astray. Managed to save the 300k pirate coins, and accepted the quest. However, I wasn’t aware this quest was stuck behind the rapport of Blackfang which I am still at Amicable.
Okay, no biggie, I’ll just grind up the rep.

But now, when I try and do anything rapport related, I get a popup saying I need to complete the quest, but I can’t because the quest requires rapport. I also can’t quit the quest. So what now? Is the quest they’re on about the ones that I can’t accept due to the charisma/charm requirements?

I believe her first rapport quest is 190 charisma, second 260 charisma. I was unaware they were needed for Astray though. I’ll see if I can find some more info online ^^

Edit: These are the notes I made in my Google doc last week:
(Construction Manual) Daily: She Drifts, Sea Grifts - 25 Days
(Certificate) Daily: Pest Control - 15 Days - Defend Blackfang
(Blueprint) 300k Pirate Coins
Ship Materials

Edit: You do need max Blackfang reputation to complete the Pirate Star: Astray quest, I learned something new today!


So you think it’s the rapport that’s holding me back?

This is the quest right? It says you need to gain Blackfangs trust to get permission to craft the Astray.

Yes, but if you look at my screenshot, I cannot do anything to gain reputation. If I click gift, song or emote I get the popup you see in the screenshot.


So what does it say when you click the quest?


Somewhere in Amicable 2, you will have to complete the quest Who Owns the Sea, requiring 190 Charisma and 190 Courage.

Found this comment on Lost Ark Codex, you’ve hit the first Charisma check I mentioned in my first comment. The second will be 260 Charisma. To find sources of Charisma press Alt + D and search for it.

Alrighty, that’s a mistake I’ll try and not repeat again. Thanks for the assistance!


New to this game and forum, however I just wanted to also add in a note about this. Mine was a bit different where I could not start the Blackfang quest at all, it just kept stating i needed to complete Bloodclaw’s Dagger. I checked everywhere on my main for the quest, couldn’t talk to Mariner Rose outside of buying items (yayee Giant’s Heart!), etc…however it turned out I accepted the quest on an alt while I was doing the Pest Control Una Task. So I had to complete the first part of the quest with my alt then I was able to log onto my main and continue from there.

Hope that helps anyone else who might’ve forgotten about their alt accepting a questline similar to this situation.

Hello everyone!

I’m very happy to see that you guys resolve the situation!

and thank you so much all you for sharing great resources!

Have a nice day and see all of you in Arkesia! :dagger: :sparkles:

You shure you dont have an active quest ? Check you quest log

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Hey I’m having the same issue as in the screenshot.
280 Charisma & “Who Owns the Sea” & “Bloodclaw’s Dagger” completed

Stuck at Friendly lv2 with no idea what is preventing me from doing emotes/dances…
Any idea?

Idk if this is for me : it looks like I cleared all quests and reached Friendly 2.
I have only one quest related to Black Fang : “Pirate Star: Astray” but I can’t progress with the rapport.