Blatant bussing of bots

was looking for an argos group when i see these bots

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man I need to use that screen, I was looking for bot instance, that is like free ride, let the bots carry me, I can just stand there, and watch a youtube, and still win.

FYI, not all bots are from the gold farmers, you be surprised how many players that are botting.


This should be an insta ban. There needs to be a standard for bussing at the very least and this goes way past that.

Either they are Rmt/ running those bots themselves or they are horrible people with a small moral compass.

First time I saw this was after valtan released and oreha gold was restricted for 1415+ players. You’d see one high level carrying 3 obvious bots.

Sometimes it’s not even bots. Quite a larger number of people do this with different accounts

Bus service practice should be banned entirely but we are not the one making the game so our opinion doesn’t matter I guess.