Block List Full, Can't Even Read Gamechat

I’ve seen a few other posts about this, but I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well with the hopes this topic can be addressed soon.

The big underlying issue is obviously the bots, not the block list, and I’m not trying to say we should just increase the block list size and leave it at that. However, while a solution to catching and banning the bots quickly and efficiently is being worked out, why not just make the block list much MUCH larger or potentially infinite if that’s even possible? I’m unable to even read the game chat now because it’s filled with so many bots spamming their gold selling websites. Please consider addressing this symptom, i.e. the block list being way too small, for now while a solution to the botting disease is being worked on.


delete people from your blocklist they are already gone after 30min - 1h … we all have to deal with the same and what you mentioned is already said 500 times till now still counting

I just hit max list today. Chat is spammed…and it’s really annoying to think I have to now also spend time removing these bots just so I can participate in chat. Either fix the spam or give us an unlimited block list!