Block List Full Error

I have been diligently reporting gold sellers and chat spammers as/when I see them, unfortunately now I am getting a block list full error and indeed can see I now have filled the list up.

Am I now supposed to go through and individually block all 100 of these spam accounts to continue reporting and blocking?

What is Amazon’s advice on how to proceed here please because unblocking all 100 individually is an absolute piss take to expect a player to do…


I do not think there’s an easy way to unblock all at once unfortunately. In general though, these folks should be safe to unblock as they are usually gone within ~10 minutes of a player report.

Once they’re banned does it not remove them from other player’s Block/Friend lists? Isn’t it similar to when a character is deleted?


Please add a script to remove them from our block lists when you ban them.


ok easy solution… no reports anymore


Hate to say it, but yeah, that’s what this will lead to. CBA to keep reporting if I’m just gonna be asked to do even more work in cleaning out my block list. Even more so seeing how I don’t know if they are indeed banned or not.
We also have the fact that I don’t tend to commit to memory which of the ppl on my blocklist are gold sellers, chat spammers, or just annoying people. No way I’m going to go through the hassle of finding out either.


THIS is beyond NOT OKAY! I am having the exact same issue!
MY BLOCK LIST is full!
HOW is this even a thing, ALL the gold spammers!
Just PAY people to delete or stop the gold spammers selling in chat!
THIS is someones job and they are FAILING!
is it Amazon Gaming/Smilegate, or is it LostArk failing to do their job and making us WHO pay thousands of dollars in their store on gaming products and supports alone!
Please take care of this! ASAP

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calm down… they ban the gold seller bots in hours, you can delete all accounts on you block list an start over with the new bots^^

That’s not a solution, you realize it has to be done one by one with a confirmation dialogue box in between each individual unblock?

Accounts should be removed automatically once banned - I don’t even bother reporting anymore because last time it took me so long to clear my entire list once it hit capacity.

At least change the “mute this player” tickbox so it only ticks by default when reporting a chat related offence - half the time reporting bots adds to your block list for no good reason without the extra effort of unticking the box when you’re already trying to report as fast as you can before the bot zooms too far away and the window closes itself.


Can we either have

An unlimited block list
Banned player removed from all block lists
One button to clear our block list

Any one of those three will resolve this.

Honestly, I’d rather see unlimited block list AND banned players removed from block lists, so I can continue to block people whose chat is constantly just-over-the-line-but-not-enough-to-be-punished.

this…everyone i see is diligently reporting bots, wasting their own time to fill out a reason of report for each one, and filling out their block list that for some reason has a limit and that they have to manually clear out in the end one by one while the game is more and more simply getting OVERRUN by bots

seriously…we are trying to make your game better here and help you amazon/smilegate to deal with something that makes it much much worse…at least work with us and help us help you

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I think it would be very smart if you add an option to easily clear your block list.

What a huge fucking lie. The first bot i reported for like a month ago i tried to unblock it just now and you know what? Its still going strong…

i agree with @TheFawz idea. If the RMTplayer/BOT we blocked is banned, then that character’s name should be deleted from our Block list.


Make a page system instead of list.
100 player / page with “Unblock the Selected player?” options.
total of 100 page.

100 x 100: total 10,000 player blocked!

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Why report the BOTS there are 500 of them in Vern going back and forth from the Chaos Dungeon to the repair NPC, over and over and over again ALL DAY and NIGHT long…
Back and Forth, Back and FORTH like ants that have found your picnic blanket and are spoiling YOUR beautiful spread! :sob: