Blocking Someone Does Nothing

This makes me pretty annoyed…if I block someone in Lost Ark they should not end up in my party again period. I’m doing Team Deathmatch and this guy was toxic and rude to me so I blocked him and a few matches later he was in my party again. That’s not cool.


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Blocking and matchmake are two different things.
You actually want to have additional filtering during matchmake process so it only picks people not from your blacklist.
It would significantly decrease performance of matchmake if they implement that.

Then what does blocking really do in this game? Because in other games when you block someone, you can no longer see what they say, they can’t contact you in any way. and they are unable to be matched with you. When I block someone in this game, they can still send me mail (like gold sellers) and I feel like being matched with them is toxic since they can just continue to harass you.

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He’s right. Blacklisting someone should remove him from any possible future interaction. Otherwise it serves no purpose.


i disagree, otherwise most players would block any and all players they deem unworthy of being on their team and they would only be filtered with the good players as a result completely breaking random matchmaking for an already low population thing like pvp

Blocking just disables chat interaction with the player afaik.

What do you mean by any future interaction?
Chaos/Abyss dungeons matchmake? Visibility in applicants when in lobby?
Auto group generation during coops?

Just by enumerating these things it is clear would be tremendously difficult to implement it everywhere.
Also edge case scenarios say I blocked someone, clicked matchmake button and then unblocked the same person. How system would now behave?

I just wait for someone from the staff to reply “we have no plans for it.”
Perhaps even the thread sinks because of no activity.

Auto group generation, and it exists in many games for years. And it’s trivial to implement.
Simple loop added to a matchmaking script is enough to sort things up.

you can disagree as much as you want to. If somebody doesn’t want to play with a certain individual it’s his choice, not yours.

you can leave, you want it open to abuse. i dont

Now it’s open to abuse, cause you may constantly be matched with a guy who was griefing.
Have fun with that.

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ya if you want to avoid someone it should be possible, i agree

What blocking needs to do.

1- cannot see blocked person chat.
2- cannot see them in PF for any advertise or see them applying to group you host.

If it can do both off these option. That will be good enough.

If you do MM doesn’t count.

You get it all wrong. In PF you can CHOSE not to accept somebody, MM is just autoaccept everybody.
Anyhow, MM is pretty much dead anyway. People are using PF for every content in the game, even the easiest one like guardians. And it’s the exact same reason as stated here in this topic - to filter out unwanted players of the group.