Bloody Fist super super rare or literally impossible?

So i’ve been trying to get the Bloody Fist Adventure Tome and I’ve reached the point where I think it might just actually be bugged for me…

I’m currently sat on 3000 Failed beverages and no bloody fist. I don’t mind spending silver on these RNG foodstuffs but being 1.2m silver down feels like its overly punishing? especially when I’ve seen and known people get it sub 300.

Am I just monstrously unlucky or is my account actually bugged?
also - ninevah’s “Aura of chaos” Rapport Quest is also not working.


As an update- now have 4000 failed attempts? I this seriously working/bugged?

I thought I was the only one I’m in the thousands myself

its possible, i got it at 1000+

welcome to the club, this is some korean RNG joke we are too european to understand…


@Roxx consider revising the success rates of such opening RNG mininightmare games, problem here is its 3 RNG checks in a row all 3 with quite a low chance.

wood blood → somewhat complete distilled beverage: about 20% succes rate
somewhat complete distilled beverage → almost complete distilled beverage: about 10% success rate
almost complete distilled beverage → bloody fist: idk man, see the screenshot and calculate yourself …


This was not too bad for me… I kept doing 30 wood blood (Use in bundle) until i got 30 somewhat complete distilled beverage. repeated until i got 30 Almost complete beverage distilled beverage. Ran use in bundle on this and ended up getting 2 bloody fists.


i am at over 10000 attempts, and still nothing …

I thought my odds were bad but I only had to buy 400+ before getting mine. I do think you should accumulate a larger stack of the purple beverage (the one right before getting the final Bloody Fist) before distilling them in a stack because I think you have a higher chance of distilling a Bloody Fist if you distill a bunch of them at the same time as opposed to one at a time. Good luck to you though! I hope the food item odds are more kinder in the next area.

Generally truly enjoying this game and have had nothing but positive feedback thus far.

However, the ordeal to obtain the Bloody Fist for this adventure tome item was, if I am being honest, one of the worst things I have encountered so far in any game. I don’t mind the occasional bad streak of RNG, or having to grind for something really worth while. But this was frankly a large waste of my time (took 2 hours to buy/open all the stacks) and a huge silver sink.

Feedback: put yourselves in the gamer’s shoes. After the first 2000 fails, the player is already feeling bummed and dejected. Upwards of 5000? Despondent. Please put in a cap where once the players reach a certain threshold the item pops. There is no fun to be had in this kind of monotonous, repetitive action. Or, as others already stated, sell it for 2mil if your goal is to drain some silver from us. We want to love your game, this is the stuff that causes us to log out.

Attempts: 6494
Spent: 2,597,600 silver
blood fist


I agree that ridiculously hard to get items should have a pity system to avoid this on very unlucky players.

That can be applied to the insanely absurd 600 hours in average Yearning Island Soul. Nobody of sane mind would spend so much time for a digital bit.

But I also know that they will not change it, since they did not change it in Korea.

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These multi-lock RNG chains for items really have no place in this game. All they serve to do is create apathy and loss of interest in playing.

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I was prepared to stay up all night and expected to buy 10k cups because of this post but I guess I lucked out only needing 2.2k :sweat_smile:

damn it took me 950 today and i came to see what others experienced. Guess I got off light, dammmn

This needs to stop! lol, man this is just a waste of money and time, I have 900’ish failed bevs and I’m done trying, for today ofc ofc.