Blooming Mokomos is such a feel bad event

Why in the world the gold difference between big reward 5-50k and regular reward 40-80g daily is so huge? How is this even fun except for the minority player that win? Why even make this bot inducing event in the first place …

If you want to make event like this pls reduce this gap instead of this bs loterry.

I think it’s just fine, and I average probably 100g per day of the event. Maybe today will be your day to get a larger payout.

The most I had so far was 4x5 gold lol

Just dont be a jealous andy and its great!

Its less than the difference between 1 tapping ur weapon to 22 and pitying

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback about the event. What would be a modest award for this event?

I’d prefer if the event was
“picking up mokokos as well as completing the event gave another event currency (one different from the normal summer event currency) that can be used in an event shop similar to the current summer one but much better (maybe including 25 pheons a week instead of 9 for example).”

The way it is currently is it’s just 280 gold a week, that doesn’t really feel much like an event when you have to go out of your way to do it and why many people complain about it, when compared to the summer event shop we’re getting over 1.5k gold value in items a week for doing nothing you don’t normally do really.
Also the notification of people picking up mokokos is very annoying since there’s no way to disable it.


It’s not about the reward dear CM, leave out rng of events

We have way too much rng everywhere else already, add rng-free events only!

There is alot of butt hurt people maybe just remove the advertised “winners” so they dont feel as bad…

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I see. Thank you for your insight.

@Castingbeast I think a lot of players would enjoy a good RNG break during an event!

@jbrian881401, it’s okay for others to be frustrated with an event. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

honestly i’m just being real… Look how they type in the forums they just being unfiltered its because when they see the advertised ploy of the winners (good marketing scheme for FOMO btw) they just turn salty when they don’t win (fustrated to put it lightly)


i agree with this. People are frustrated because they didnt win big. Catering to them and making it easier to earn big amount of gold will make it worse.
@o-o Even if you buff the reward of normal rewards to like giving them modest 100g-300g, they will still complain anyway when it took them 3 min to do while raiding takes them 20-30min for argos to earn a modest of 2700g?

Its the worst event ever. This event cause huge inflation.

Gems 7lvl went from 7k to 10k
Class engraving and a lot of battle engraving went 100% in cost
Its not RMT bot cause this inflation.
This event cause it.
Lets say. 30 people per 2 hour get golden mokoko
Its average 5k per person
30x12x5= 1,8mln gold per day into game.

i hate the event and not because i get no gold (got 5k once) but it literally fucks the economy even more than it already is. Most of us are unlucky but injecting millions of gold every week into the economy can only hurt.

There is a reason why irl noone prints money to make himself richer.

i wouldn’t solely put the blame on the event itself the root cause of the problems are the bots… Any kind of event that gets released might “yes” take involvement in an ongoing problem but I wouldn’t put all the chips on that one event alone.

sure, its not itself that event is factor that we have price like that but it has now huge factor and this mix with this event cause bigger inflation. Im dont care about not getting big high prize but im worried about future

ok i think i understand what you wrote but uhh lol are you using google translation by chance? 1 sentence you’re fine in english the 2nd sentence I had to re-read 3x just to make sure i understood ;p

This event exists so you feel mad or jealous and buy gold in-game

I get 5k gold almost every day, I’mpretty lucky I guess