Blue chain quest & island quest giving to many materials

It seems we have some catch up mechanic blue chain quest and island quest that were added in RU/KR to help rushing past T1 to T3 these are giving a ridiculous amount of upgrade materials, 100’s of gems, 10.000’s of green emeralds, 1000’s of red and blue crystals, this has allowed people to reach 500-600ilvl in less then 4 days, these need to be looked in to or we are going to max ilvl with 4 days on game launch.


This is definitely something that if not fixed for release will turn into a New World woopsie…
490 the same day you hit 50 is kind of silly.

Streamers talking about it but couldn’t find much attention on it on these forums. Hope it’s not missed


Covered in this feedback thread :

I agree this is an issue.

PS : Let’s not make 200 identical feedback topics.


Maybe but is it actually a known issue they are dealing with? The game seems to be getting the worse case scenario of many early and late builds of this game.

Also wanting to agree. And we can’t assume that issues in the beta are known issues. If acknowledged… sure but yeah. So many times in other games we’ve seen the worst case scenario… become what apparently was an optimistic view (turned out much worse).

Feedback is essential in beta, we’re wanting to make the game better. We (well I at least) greatly want Lost Ark to succeed!

thinking about it, quests are fine, the problem comes from item jumping 2 lvls and 20ilvl per upgrade, if it had been set at 5ilvl like the other end game system then max ilvl would have been around 350 ilvl in a week, which sounds about right

The issue was brought up in the Sywo podcast and Roxx mentioned that they know this is an issue, and are looking into changing it. So there is a very probable chance that it will be changed on release.