Blue Crystal Currency Exchange Mess. Culprit = 3 day gold hold

I hope they have a solution for the crazy price increase for blue crystal in the currency exchange with the 3 day gold hold they implemented. Usually with material prices being super cheap and realistically the only way to make a decent amount of gold is from your 6 weekly raid runs, It is still hard to make gold to keep up with the high gold cost required for our characters above the 1430 ranges.

Blue crystal price to gold ratio is a good indicator to how our game economy is but with this 3 day gold hold they implemented, the supply of people willing to sell royal crystal for gold has dropped significantly while the demand of blue crystal is even higher than before with more alts getting to the point of relic sets which require A LOT of PHEONS. F2P players need blue crystal to actually play this game.

Unless they do something to prevent blue crystal price from inflating back to 1k gold per 95 blue crystal while our economy gold situation isn’t at its greatest spot, AGS SMG may have actually started the collapse of our in game economy. Currently Blue Crystal in NA West is hovering near the 700 gold per 95 crystal mark and everyday its being pushed to the maximum able price which makes it go up about 100 everyday.

The last time blue crystal were at 900 gold per 95 crystal was when great honor leapstones were selling for 1k gold each. Now GHL is selling for 30 gold each in NA West. Just one example of how our currency exchange rate is decoupling with our actual game economy atm. Hope you guys are watching this situation and have a fix before it becomes too late to fix @Roxx

paragraphs… please organize it so it’s easier to read.

Is that a little better lol.

This is the actual reason blue crystal prices are up.

It’s simple supply and demand. Demand for crystals will have rocketed with this patch. Not even just relics, but legendary accs as well.

Yes but also the supply can’t meet up with the demand anymore because this 3 day gold hold discourages whales to actually spend their royal crystal on gold. Which is why we see blue crystal exchange hovering at the max everyday. Completely decoupled with our game economy.

yup. Helps a bunch, especially after your brain shuts off from all day inferno valtan.

Supply will keep up with demand when the price is high enough.

Heck, I’ve always felt like BC prices were insanely low. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were artificially low due to people dumping and charge backing/committing card fraud.

I agree, please buy RC and trade them with me at a cheaper price, I volunteer to pay you the gold at the price that you think is fair

The prices for you aren’t that high, however… On SA it’s already at 1k+ per 95 BC

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I agree. I don’t think people understand how rampant the fraud was. That fraud was only pushing the BC prices down because people committing fraud don’t care how much gold they are selling for. They weren’t waiting for a good time to sell. They were selling, moving the gold, and probably deleting the account before anyone could notice.

I think we are seeing the outcome of that and this should give a better idea of how much it was occurring.

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The bigger issue is several weeks back you could get more gold for your RC, why then flip the same quantity of RC for a lot less gold…
People will just move more and more to selling store items for on the market.

holy pure speculation batman…lol what do you possibly know?

This is the reason going around, there’s been 0 confirmation of this (from what I’ve seen on forums, unless they posted this information somewhere else)

And you know, it sounds plausible and reasonable so people will latch onto it.

Thank you, as I suspected. The way someone can latch onto something so purely made up and then be so sure of “it” as to act so condescending to others who fail to drink the kool aid is frankly shocking. Sooooo weird

The release literally said it was implemented to deter gold sellers. Do you think people were legitimately buying gold and selling for cheaper? Like take a second and think for yourself man. You are straight drinking gasoline, nevermind kool aid.