Blue Crystal prices ( South America )

This is getting out of hands, gem prices doubled since last patch
we need to pay almost 7k for a crystaline aura and it costs
over 15k of gold to buy pheons for a set of accesories
we are the region with less gold and the one with the highest gem prices
at least try to regulate the shop prices for pheons and crystaline aura
wich is a must to play this game

Server: Agaton
Region: South America


These are the results in part, of AGS’ changes. It’s unlikely that you will see any solution to this inflation anytime soon. In NA-East, the price has gone up by only 224g so it is also likely that additional factors may have affected the prices on your region.


Its because in our region people doesnt spend that much real money in the game
so no one is buying Royal crystals, hence the price for the low offer of crystals


totally agree! Korea took a long time to have these prices and we need a market readjustment @Roxx


Working as intended. Have people buy some royal crystals to adjust the price without it this automatically inflates.


Pretty sure that’s what happen when people don’t buy much ingame currency. Not sure what AGS could do with that and regional pricing is most likely not going to happen.

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Who is gonna buy it when 1k RC is a month of rent on SA countries lol, either they regionalize their pricing or they will be at a big player loss in a few months when f2p players realize they cant buy blue crystals at reasonable prices.


Our cash in SA is converted in Dollar and not in our money ,we’re paying 4x more than NA EU . they still didn’t fixed as the founder platinum one that we paid 580 R$ and NA Paid 100 dolar ( dolar wen’t a little bit down until there after release )


Paying x4 or x5 more and our monthly minimum wage is 4x or 5x less (minimum 234 Dollar, and the average is 502 Dollar), at least it’s the case for Brazil, i don’t know about other countries.
I already knew this would happen that’s why i started in NA East instead of SA, i played around 150 ping, PvE is fine for 99% of the time, PvP there is some trouble but it’s still playable.


Hi @Roxx
We need prices adjusted to the region, in Latin America due to the policies of some countries it is almost impossible to invest in gold to buy things, not to mention that this simply generates an inflation that will grow indefinitely.

In a few months since the game came out, we are already with prices in Korea where they have a much higher production of gold. With the current situation it will only make people have a very horrible gaming experience by needing purple crystals to buy supplies like pheons and crystal aura.

Please we need urgent help on this issue.



I can imagine, that this is done, to avoid Players from other Countries join ur Servers.
Playing the same Game for 1/4 of the costs, could be very interesting for NA Players.

Right now euc is at 998 gold.

well im from easter europe. Im making monthly like 1/4-1/5 of western countries and still play the game without whining. So man up and play or quit.

why is this bad? cheaper honing

yesterday it was 2k ;-;

It’s impossible to buy pheons for accesories with the prices we have in SA.

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im from venezuela(living in chile) and I play 100% of my games un USA, get out of that shithole… I guess the server are mostlikely in Brasil and that being nearer from to me than USA servers I get 180ms ping in BR servers and 70ms in USA server… so not even that.

I know I know… we pay less in steam for everything by region but I know where you coming from… you though… OH! “IM GONNA BE THE KING BE ILVL 1900 FOR COUPLE OF DOLLARS AND LAUGH AT THOSE GRINGOS PAYING 10x times more than me”… well guess what? that is not the case… time to close that roster and start fresh in USA EAST.

Good news? I started a couple of rosters on another server and you are up and running in 3 weeks with 3x toons 1415++ so… just go.