Blue Crystal prices

I don’t bring much of my complaints over to the forum, but this is getting ridiculous and out of hand. NAE 1800 gold for 95 crystals right now, how the fuck are new players supposed to keep up with their aura and pheons? This sucks and I know it’s worse in SA. AGS needs to fix price tags for in game store. Why the fuck are we paying 10k gold for an Aura that costed 2.5k gold a few months ago? The hell is going on? Makes me sick and not want to play.


Once all players are removed, the botting problem will be fixed. Don’t worry., hang in there.


You are in the heaven, SA is 3,8k BC. Its common see people in normal vykas with 2 engravs.

what part of “It’s an ongoing battle” you don’t understand? - CM probably


Lol NAW is 3k buddy , nice try with the 1.8k

That’s not okay. Thus this thread, that’s the point.


but ur engravings are cheaper

Must be nice, NAW is 2800-3k were in second behind SA for a scuffed economy, at least our RC prices aren’t 3/4 of a months wage so we got that goin for us which is nice.

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EUC are in 2100 now, raising everyday.

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How much r your igniter books?

Or your lev 7 gems, I’m pretty sure they ain’t cheaper than NAW.

Bots fked up grudge books to all time lows but idc bout grudge, n everyone has grudge 12 now

Wait wait wait wait. If im wrong, please correct me.

You want AGS… to set a price… at which i am legally allowed to sell the royal crystals… i bought with real money… like, mandated. No discussion, no buyers decision.

Am i misunderstanding, or am i reading that right?

Yah NAW is pricier, yest if I recall the igniters and surge were going for 19k and gems 22k

Economy is fked lol, not casual friendly only pay2play

Reason it’s pay2play Is that peep will get gated out of new content unless they build a static (which they should try to do), I’m just not confident casuals have a steady group to take on new content.

I’ll be fine, but the casual community not so much

This shouldn’t be a debate of who’s got the shortest end of the stick. Just because one region’s situation is less worse than another’s doesn’t make either one of them acceptable. That’s the point.

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If Auras are 420 crystals, they should adjust the value percentages to match the economy. Same goes for Mari’s shop, if anybody still even use that.

yes… like most other games :skull:

Wouldn’t that making buying legit gold less appealing? Furthering RMT abuse? Imagine spending $100 on 30k gold in this inflation, lol. Helllll no.

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RMT gold will probably be soon at $100/mil

thats like a day of work at mcdonalds nowadays

but like 4 months of farm in game

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Oh you mean lowering the blue crystal cost of thinga in the store? Yea, thats something they should definitely consider.