Blue crystal scam?

I’ve got a problem, I’ve bought 1040 blue crystals, game count that I used 22k gold and received 95 blue crystal !
What’s the problem with blue crystals ? It’s the first time I have this bug

when you buy blue crystals you are listing a buy order that has to be satisfied with a respective sale offer, it will instantly take the gold from you and place the buy orders accordingly, perhaps there was only 1 sale offer at the time (equals 100 blue crystals, 95 after tax) that could satisfy your buy order?

in the 2nd menu where you can receive your blue crystals you can also see your active orders and even remove them with no tax if you want your gold back and the gold wasnt used yet to buy the crystal offers

Aw ok I understand it more. Thank you for your answer, that’s the first time I’m in this position so I thought it was a bug :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: